World Series Game Six, 2022

Phillies at Astros, 5:03 PM PDT, TV: Fox

The Phillies ask RHP Zack Wheeler (12-7, 2.82 ERA regular season; 1-2, 2.67 ERA postseason) to stop the Astros’ seeming juggernaut and force a Game Seven. The Astros hand the ball to LHP Framber Valdez (17-2, 2.82 ERA regular season; 2-0, 1.42 ERA postseason) and ask him to finish the Series tonight.

Today in baseball history is mostly filled with managerial moves, including Chuck Tanner’s ascent to the Pirates, Burleigh Grimes to the Dodgers, and Paul Molitor to the Twins.

11 thoughts on “World Series Game Six, 2022

  1. Ross Newhan on Facebook:

    It will be written, now that Dusty Baker’s managerial career has finally, happily reached fruition, that it began in 1993 when he took the helm of the San Francisco Giants.

    That’s the official version.

    The unofficial, and so very important version, is that it began in 1976 and continued during his eight years with the Dodgers when he and Reggie Smith helped keep the lid on a clubhouse of diverse, often fractious personalities during the early summers of Tom Lasorda’s major league tenure.

    If not for Baker, with help from Smith, that clubhouse might have splintered more than it periodically and publicly did.

    There were other training grounds for Baker, but maybe none quite so challenging, as influential in his development, as he remained a productive force on the field and a less visible one off it.

    I have known Dusty going back even before the Dodgers, during his tutelage under Hank Aaron in Atlanta, and I have never known a more standup, honest, wonderful personality.
    If he chooses now to keep managing, well, that’s fine, but I sort of hope he puts on that World Series crown, slips into retirement, and waits for the call from Cooperstown. He is a Hall of Fame manager and just one terrific guy.

  2. Go Phillies. We have somewhere to be at 5 so will record in hopes of seeing a miraculous Phillies comeback. It could happen!