Wild Card Games One, 2022

ALWC Game One: Rays at Guardians, 9:07 AM PDT, TV: ESPN

LHP Shane McLanahan (12-8, 2.54 ERA) goes for the Rays and RHP Shane Bieber (13-8, 2.88 ERA) goes for the Guardians.

NLWC Game One: Phillies at Cardinals, 11:07 AM PDT, TV: ABC

RHP Zach Wheeler (12-7, 2.82 ERA) pitches for the Phillies and LHP José Quintana (3-2, 2.01 ERA) does the same for the Cardinals.

ALWC Game One: Mariners at Blue Jays, 1:07 PM PDT, TV: ESPN

RHP Luis Castillo (4-2, 3.17 ERA) gets the ball for the Mariners and the Blue Jays hand their ball to RHP Alek Manoah (16-7, 2.24 ERA).

NLWC Game One: Padres at Mets, 5:07 PM PDT, TV: ESPN

RHP Yu Darvish (16-8, 3.10 ERA) takes the mound for the Padres and RHP Max Scherzer (11-5, 2.29 ERA) does so for the Mets.

66 thoughts on “Wild Card Games One, 2022

  1. Unusual: TB and Cleveland, both starters went into the 7th inning. Mariners’ starter got into the 7th. Cards and Phillies 5th and 6th. Padres’ Darvish went through the 7th.

    This day and age, that’s a rarity.

  2. Despite what I wrote below, and what the MLBTV website says, a friend in Chile says he can get access to the post-season for an additional $10. His Beerboys are out of the running, though, so he won’t bother. He’s a big handegg fan.

  3. I know home games are supposed to be an advantage, but there’s something about having first at bats and scoring that can change the complexion of a playoff game. It makes me wonder.

    • Statistically speaking, playing at home is an advantage in baseball – but less so than in other sports, I think. Baseball is a game where lesser teams frequently beat better teams.

      • I think more baseball fans travel to away games than NFL and NBA fans do. Costs are much higher for tickets to those sports. That means home games are less weighted in favor of the home teams.

  4. This is really not what I was expecting, but apparently Scherzer has been battling some oblique issues.

  5. It’s shameful that the Mutts and Barves did not have a one-game playoff yesterday for the division title.

  6. I don’t care a lot who wins this game or this series. I only hope it goes three full games and that the winner burns out the entire staff.

    • I feel the same. Wear ‘em all out! (Although as a former Mets fan I do lean slightly in their direction.)

  7. Love watching this Seattle team coming together for Game One and proving the percentages wrong.

    • Seattle had to fly cross-continent, but the Scrub Jays had to play a double-header in Baltimore on Wednesday before returning home.

  8. Bullpen meltdown, thy name is “Redbirds.”

    Let us not complain about Kimbrel (at least for the moment).

  9. From Sports Illustrated: One thing about each team playing today. I like this one: The Guardians

    had just eight more home runs (127) than they did stolen bases (119). Leaguewide, teams averaged 91 more home runs than stolen bases.

  10. In order to watch the post-season, I reactivated the SlingTV account I had last year for a month. I was shocked to read that MLBTV’s foreign subscribers have no way to watch the post-season at all.

      • Reviewing the info, I see that UK residents are totally blacked out, but continental Europeans are not. US residents are also blacked out of MLBTV, but Puerto Rico – a US territory! – is not. Nowhere in South America is it possible to watch except, presumably, French Guiana (which is formally part of Metropolitan France).

        Way to grow the game, MLB!