NLDS Games Two, 2022

Phillies at Braves, 1:35 PM PDT, TV: Fox

RHP Zack Wheeler (12-7, 2.82 ERA) goes for the Phillies and RHP Kyle Wright (21-5, 3.19 ERA) goes for the Braves.

Padres at Dodgers, 5:37 PM PDT, TV: FS1

RHP Yu Darvish (16-8, 3.10 ERA) goes for the Padres. LHP Clayton Kershaw (12-3, 2.28 ERA) goes for the Dodgers.

405 thoughts on “NLDS Games Two, 2022

  1. It makes for a more interesting story this way, which is really why i like baseball. Adversity is good.

  2. Big bats getting a lot fo familiarity with Mr. Hader. Bodes well for later games methinks.

  3. Unfortunately I now have to leave to pick up my daughter. Hopefully peek in later to good news

    • That’s why he was signed, even though he missed so much time. I hope Duffy is as good when he finally gets to pitch for us

  4. Really just want Trayce to get on. Need as much of the top of the order in the 9th as we can get.

  5. Padres really woke up with the Mets and they are not going to go away quietly. They are really on fire offensively. We need to start clicking up and down the lineup in the same way.

  6. Padres have had every close and key play go their way. So they will be super frustrated when they lose tonight.

    • Not my favorite. We really have such good guys on our team. Only stinker, the pitcher-who-shall-not-be-named, is gone, thank goodness.

  7. Paging Playoff JT. Please report to the batter’s box in Dodger Stadium. You are needed there.

  8. I am ready to mute these sportscasters with their love affair with the Padres in general and Manny in particular.

  9. Announcer: “Can’t understate how important this inning is for the Pad…” – Trea hits a HR.

  10. In round two of the NL mild card, the Barves have taken a 3-0 lead over the Fillies in the sixth.

    • I want Phillies to win, but perhaps more importantly, rooting for 5 games. So Atlanta winning tonight would not be the worst thing I guess.

    • 41. 7 more than Kershaw’s 34. So 1, maybe 2, batters different. (But every little bit helps!)

  11. Is there a significant difference for Kershaw’s era, etc when Smith is catching vs Barnes catching this year?

  12. After listening to the announcers think the batter tried to block Smith’s view of the pitch

  13. It looks like that was Machado’s third homer off Kershaw in 33 ABs in his career. No walks, seven strikeouts.

  14. UGH. The fans were getting Manny worked up with the “Manny sucks” chants. Never a good idea.

  15. Same lineup for the Dodgers as last night, Padres have the same nine but have switched Kim and Profar and have switched Myers and Cronenworth in the lineup.

  16. SI’s Tom Verducci recaps Game One. Insight (?): Roberts used his most effective reliever first. Well, maybe.

    Roberts’s calculus to preserve the lead this time looked like this:

    Urías came out because he started hanging his curveball in the fifth while making mistakes over the plate—and the heart of the order was coming up a third time.

    Phillips came in to throw his power slider, which held hitters to a .160 average this year.

    Vesia came in because Roberts wanted a lefty on Jake Cronenworth, Trent Grisham, Jurickson Profar (to bat from his weaker side) and Soto. Lefties hit .109 against Vesia’s high-spin fastball.

    Martin, a cutter specialist, threw 11 pitches, all between 91 and 96 mph.