47 thoughts on “Game 157; 2022

  1. Kenley in the midst of a shaky ninth for the Barves in Atlanta, but he gets out of it with 24 pitches including a walk, a hit, and an HBP.

  2. At the stadium tonight. Fireworks! Elton John bobble head (what – why?) and my husband here with me for the first time in a while.

  3. I recall listening to the PCL broadcasts (which were re-creations because the local station was too cheap to send the play-by-play guy to Hawai’i). We would listen beneath the blankets to games that started at 11 pm PST and, one night, the Tacoma Giants overcame a 8-0 lead with an 11-run rally in the ninth. It was all anybody talked about the next day.

  4. I certainly hope that Kershaw returns for a 16th season with the Dodgers in 2023. Has anyone ever pitched more than 15 years with the Dodgers?

  5. Nice to see some key regulars getting a half day of work today. And good to give some bench guys some extra at bats, etc. The benefits of a 9-0 score.

  6. We’ve scored as many runs in four innings tonight as we did in the three-game series in San Diego.