Game 33, 2022

Phillies at Dodgers, 1:10 PM PDT, TV: NBCSP, SPNLA

RHP Aaron Nola (1-4, 3.83 ERA) pitches for the Phillies and the Dodgers send out 25-year-old RHP Michael Grove, newly called up from Tulsa in the AA Texas League where he was 0-1 with a 2.76 ERA. Nola has thrown 40 innings this season, giving up 18 runs on 33 hits. He averages 10 strikeouts per nine innings.

Today in Dodgers’ history:

  • 1919 After 12 scoreless innings at Ebbets Field, the Reds score ten runs in the 13th inning to beat Al Mamaux and the Dodgers, 10-0. Cincinnati starter Hod Eller, who tossed a no-hitter in his previous start, is the beneficiary of the blowout.

  • 1956 Sal Maglie, obtained on waivers by Cleveland last season from the Giants, is shipped to the Dodgers for a hundred dollars after impressing Brooklyn in an exhibition game. The ‘Barber’ will post a 13-5 record along with a 2.89 ERA for the eventual NL Champs, finishing second to teammate Don Newcombe in the balloting for both the Cy Young and MVP awards.
  • 1998 On the day the Marlins trade Gary Sheffield, Bobby Bonilla, Charles Johnson, Jim Eisenreich, and Manuel Barrios to the Dodgers for Mike Piazza and Todd Zeile, the team hangs on to beat the Cardinals at Busch Stadium, 8-7. In the first inning, the Fish connect for nine consecutive hits, a franchise record, and score seven runs, all without the help of their recently departed teammates.

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206 thoughts on “Game 33, 2022

  1. Last night’s game in St. Louis turned out to be a classic. Pull up MLBTV to watch Tío Albert close it out against the Gnats.

  2. Traveling in Colombia, so have only been able to check in periodically to the games against the Fillies. Just now caught the CT3 BB and the Lux walk off!

  3. So many K’s. Swinging through ball four. (Correction – it was a strike.)

  4. Cody Bellinger is on a pace to strike out about 220 times. Here are the all-time single-season strikeout records for the Dodgers in Brooklyn and Los Angeles. Note that the top ten are all for Los Angeles. Mark Reynolds set the all-time MLB mark of 223 with Arizona in 2009.

    1.Chris Taylor • 2018 — 178
    2. Matt Kemp • 2010 — 170

    Joc Pederson • 2015 — 170

    4. Chris Taylor • 2021 — 167

    5. Matt Kemp • 2011 — 159

    6. Matt Kemp • 2008 — 153

    7. Cody Bellinger • 2018 — 151

    8. Billy Grabarkewitz • 1970 — 149

    Max Muncy • 2019 — 149

    10.Cory Snyder • 1993 147

    • I think Lux has a problem maintaining his concentration. Should check him for some attention deficit disorder.

  5. Meanwhile Max leaves a fastball right down the middle alone and swings through ball three.

  6. Our long weekend nightmare is over! And we stay in first place. After all those innings in which we couldn’t score with runners in scoring position with fewer than two outs, this is a special moment, scoring twice with two outs and nobody on.

    • By percentage points still over the Pads. Meanwhile, the Gnats are trailing the Redbirds 4-0 early.

  7. Down to our last out. Looks like a four game sweep by the lowly Phillies, with four unearned runs this game. Bah!

  8. Teams seem to be pitching around Freeman. And, why not? Trea of 22 is not now the Trea of 21.

    • Heard through the grape vine that Seager of 22 is not Seager of 21 either. Not that that makes me any happier. I wish them both well.

    • Turner gonna have to get a lot better the rest of the season if he expects to sign that $30m/year big contract he is looking for.

  9. So it will be up to Max, JT, and Belli in the bottom of the 9th. If this was 2019 – I would feel a bit more confident.

  10. Just got home from my son’s basketball game. They ended a 3 game losing streak by overcoming a late 10 point deficit. Maybe something good like that could happen here.

  11. Oh good. Here they are again. Sacks loaded for us, no problem. Sacks loaded for the Phillies? We’ll see…

  12. Freeman has been in a funk for a couple of weeks now. Zero RBI in the last 7 games and only 4 in the last 15 games.

  13. The Dodgers have allowed eight unearned runs in this series, seven of them coming yesterday and thus far today.

  14. We swing at a lot of pitches out of the zone and take a lot of pitches in the zone.

  15. As a rule, it becomes very difficult to get a hit after the count reaches 0-2. However, even given that, Bellinger may be a special case. This year, after the count has gone to 0-2, he is 1-for-29, a single, with 18 strikeouts…..For the reason, counting his two strikeouts in his two ABs today, he has struck out 44 times in 122 ABs. The season passes the one-fifth mark today.

      • Yes, it looks that way. So, what are we looking at for him: 22 HRs, 65 RBIs, batting .244 and playing great defense in CF?

          • May be the best we can expect from him. Or should be trade him for one or more players to a team who thinks it can resuscitate his career?

          • His trade value is very low. Makes way too much for what he is producing.

      • Just have to be happy with his defense. I don’t believe he will ever be a super star again.

      • Just have to be happy with his defense. I don’t believe he will ever be a super star again.

  16. Six of Mookie’s seven homers this year have been with the bases empty. Last year, 21 of his 23 homers were with the bases empty. Part of that is because he bats lead off.

  17. It’s as if Gavin has suddenly forgotten everything he ever learned about baseball, offensively and defensively. This reminds me of early Lux before he was sent down. Maybe he needs a shrink.

  18. I wonder if Lux spoke to Grove after that four run error. Or do they wait until the pitcher is done?

  19. Lux might find some time on the bench – or extra fielding practice at least.

    • He was doing well until that error. As my husband would say, it “threw everything into a cocked hat.”

  20. Reds lose to the Pirates today 1-0, even though Pirates were no-hit.

  21. Is Grove the first 2018 Dodger draft pick to make it to the majors?

  22. The Barves blew another lead to SD today but, unfortunately, this time the Pads did not return the favor.

  23. Welcome to the Hotel LA Dodgers.

    This could be heaven or this could be hell.