Game 31, 2022

Phillies at Dodgers, 7:10 PM PDT, TV: NBCSP, SPNLA

Walker Buehler is taking Clayton Kershaw’s spot in the rotation today. Why? Kershaw’s got an inflammation in the sacroiliac joint in his pelvis. “The Dodgers placed the three-time Cy Young Award winner on the injured list Friday due to inflammation in his SI joint.” They’re not yet sure how long he might be out.

The Phillies send RHP Kyle Gibson (3-1, 2.94 ERA) to the mound to face the Dodgers’ RHP Walker Buehler (4-1, 1.96 ERA).

Expected batting averages far exceed actual ones this season: why?

Today in Dodgers’ history:

  • 1947 During the pregame infield practice, a barrage of racial slurs is directed at Jackie Robinson by the Cincinnati fans during the Dodgers’ first visit to Crosley Field this season. Brooklyn shortstop Pee Wee Reese, captain of the team and a Southerner from Kentucky with friends attending the game, engages the black infielder in conversation, and then put his arm around his teammate’s shoulder, a gesture that stuns and silences the crowd.
    Statue of Jackie Robinson and Pee Wee Reese outside MCU Park, 08/02/10: zoom-lens close-up of  Pee Wee's arm around Jackie (IMG_1908)

    Statue of Jackie Robinson and Pee Wee Reese outside MCU Park, 08/02/10: zoom-lens close-up of Pee Wee’s arm around Jackie (IMG_1908)
    Photo from Flickr by Gary Dunaier

  • 1952 Larry Miggins hits the first of his two major league home runs, going deep off Preacher Roe in the fourth inning of the Cardinals’ 14-8 loss to the Dodgers at Ebbets Field. The round-tripper hit by the Bronx-born outfielder, who had once shared his dream of playing in big leagues during a prep school assembly with a buddy with aspirations to be a baseball broadcaster, is called by an overwhelmed Vin Scully, Brooklyn’s play-by-play announcer who had wondered that day with his friend “what the odds against that would be.”
  • 1958 San Francisco teammates Willie Mays and Darryl Spencer each have four long hits, driving in four and six runs, respectively, in the team’s 16-9 victory over the Dodgers at LA’s Memorial Coliseum. The Giants’ center fielder and shortstop combine for 28 total bases, with Mays hitting two homers, two triples, a single, and Spencer adding two round-trippers, a three-bagger, and a double to the offensive outburst.
  • 2013 Thanks to a seventh-grade history class project, a three-mile stretch of the Kansas K-79 highway, from K-16 highway to Circleville, is designated by the Kansas legislature as the Barnes Brothers Memorial Highway in honor of Ozzie and Virgil, who grew up in the community and played with the Braves, Giants, and Dodgers in the 1910-20s. The McAlister middle schoolers’ research brought to light the many major league accomplishments of the two siblings, including being participants in first brother matchup in big league history.

Lineups when available.

126 thoughts on “Game 31, 2022

  1. Gold Glove play by Freeman! Probably woulda been two runs but, in the end, it didn’t matter.

  2. If Muncy is batting clean up Saturday, I think I will watch Sesame Street highlights.

  3. Dodgers picking up last years theme of not being good in extra innings.

    • Take it from someone who has umpired 56 games this season —and I mean no disrespect to anyone — but umps make mistakes. I know that I sure have.

    • Although I have seen this bases loaded nobody out movie before. It was last night and I want a different ending tonight.

  4. I’m here for the fantastic finish – the frantic finale – the flourishing uh something…

  5. 27 hits in total, so far. They are out-playing us for sure. Bye bye first place… unless…

  6. Well, I’ll be a monkey’s uncle! (A favorite family expression while I was growing up.)

  7. Harper is 5-for-8 with 3 doubles, 2 homers and 5 RBIs thus far in this series.

  8. Harper continues to kill us. Why aren’t they pitching around him? Well, at least we’re setting the stage for my predicted 10-9 Dodgers win.

  9. Muncy is getting a few hits and is or was leading the league in walks, but overall, with more than one-sixth of the season gone, he has been a huge disappointment. He shouldn’t bat cleanup anymore, but who should?

  10. Harper is killing us, and there are two games left with the Phillies this weekend.

  11. We start hitting and now we stop pitching. The Dodgers will win this one, 10-9.

  12. The Pads have drubbed the Barves, so the Dodgers must win to remain in first.

  13. The Kershaw injury casts a dark shadow over the Dodgers. I am particularly disturbed to read he will be out “indefinitely.”

    • It sounds as if he expects to be back after the minimum stay, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this is his last season.

  14. Not sure about throwing a fastball down the middle to Bryce Harper – lucky it was only a double.

  15. Good news. Probably don’t have to worry about Hudson blowing another game tonight.

  16. Good news. Probably don’t have to worry about Hudson blowing another game tonight.