Game 25, 2022

Dodgers at Cubs, 4:40 PM PDT, TV: Marquee Sports Network, MLBN (out-of-market only), SPNLA

LHP Tyler Anderson (2-0, 2.55 ERA) starts the second game of the doubleheader for the Dodgers. He’ll face LHP Daniel Norris (0-1, 6.00 ERA) of the Cubs.

On this date in Dodgers’ history:

  • 1959 At the Los Angeles Coliseum, the Yankees defeat the Dodgers, 6-2, in an exhibition game played to benefit Roy Campanella, who was paralyzed in an auto accident prior to the team moving to the West Coast in 1958. The game, which draws the largest crowd ever for a baseball game, 93,103 fans with another estimated 15,000 turned away from the sellout, begins with an emotional ceremony in which Pee Wee Reese pushes the wheelchair-bound catcher into the darkened stadium that is totally illuminated by fans holding candles or matches.
  • 1960 The Sherry boys become the tenth pair of siblings to appear as batterymates in a major league game when Norm replaces John Roseboro behind the plate in the top of the eighth to catch Larry, who is starting his first inning in relief. The backstop will hit a two-out home run in the bottom of the 11th inning, assuring his brother of a victory in the Dodgers’ 3-2 walk-off win over Philadelphia.
  • 1969 Willie Davis, furious with the Wrigley Field Bleacher Bums because of their continual verbal abuse of him, tells his Dodgers teammates that he wants to hit a home run in the middle of the group, which he does in the sixth inning to tie the score. The LA center fielder exacts a bit more revenge on the heckling horde when his 12th-inning two-run round-tripper proves to be the difference in the 4-2 defeat of the Cubs.
  • 1970 At Shea Stadium, Wes Parker hits a triple off Jim McAndrew to beat the Mets in the tenth inning, 7-4. The three-bagger completes the cycle for the Dodger first baseman.
  • 1991 Darryl Strawberry returns to New York as a Dodger with mixed results. A crowd of 49,118 mostly booing fans watches him hit a two-run home run, and they cheer when he makes the last out of the game with the potential tying and winning runs on base in the 6-5 Mets victory.
  • 2009 The Dodgers fail to improve upon their 13-game winning streak at home to open the season–the victorious span surpassed the 1911 Tigers to set a new major league mark. The 11-9 loss to Washington comes on the same day the team learns about Manny Ramirez, the club’s most productive hitter, being suspended for 50 games after testing positive for a banned substance.
  • 2009 Major League Baseball suspends Manny Ramirez for fifty games after he tests positive for the use of a banned substance. The 36 year-old Dodgers outfielder, who will not be eligible to return to the team until July 3, apologizes to the fans, explaining he did not take steroids, but was given a medication which a doctor thought was okay to be prescribed.
  • 2011 After a first-inning walk in the Dodgers’ 4-2 loss to the Mets, Andre Ethier goes 0-for-4, ending his 30-game hitting streak. The L.A. outfielder falls one game short of the franchise record set in 1969 by Willie Davis, who enjoyed a 31-game hitting streak that season.
  • 2014 Adrian Beltre becomes the fifth player in major league history to hit 100 home runs for three different teams when he goes deep in the Rangers’ 9-2 loss to Colorado at Globe Life Park in Arlington. The 35 year-old third baseman, who joins Alex Rodriguez, Jim Thome, Darrell Evans, and Reggie Jackson in accomplishing the feat, hit 147 homers for the Dodgers (1998-2004) and 103 with the Mariners (2005-09).

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153 thoughts on “Game 25, 2022

  1. At present, the Dodgers are tied with the Yanquis for baseball’s best record. That will not last, because the Yanks play twice today.

  2. In the eighth at SF’s Software Stadium, Redbirds reliever walks four straight to start the inning.

  3. I worry when we have to get a shutout inning from each of four relievers. (Or almost a shutout inning.)

  4. The Dodgers have one hit. Can you recall the two games — both in 1965 — in which the Dodgers beat the Cubs despite getting only one hit both times?

    • Once in high school, we got no-hit but won by something like 7-2 because the opposing pitcher was so wild.

        • Can’t recall, but I expect he was happy we didn’t swing at bad pitches. The other guy threw really hard but had no command.

  5. The Dodgers are off to a great start at 17-7.
    But then there was 1955. The Dodgers won their fist 10 games, then lost 2 of 3 by one run, before winning another 11 in a row to stand at 22-2 with a 9.5=game leader. The lead was once reduced to 5.5 games, but the Dodgers won the pennant by 13.5 games, clinching in early September and then, finally, vanquished the Yankees in the World Series. Hall of Famers on that Dodgers team were Campanella, Hodges, Reese, Robinson and Snider, the seldom-used rookie Koufax, Lasorda (four games, all in May or June), manager Alston and coach Billy Herman The three other starters were Furillo, Gilliam and Amoros. .Starting 10 or more games were Newcombe (20-5) Erskine, Podres, Loes, Spooner, Meyer and the rookie Craig, a mid-season call-up. Key players off the bench were Hoak and Zimmer.. Only Erskine, Koufax and Craig are still alive from that team. I love Dodgers history, but I realize that I rattle on a bit at times.

  6. The Fish have taken a 1-0 lead over the Pads, as rookie callup Joe Dunand (a Miami native) homered in his first major league AB.

    • I umpired my 53rd game this season yesterday, mostly high school varsity (supposed to be two umpires but is often one) or high school junior varsity (always one umpire). These are major league dimensions, including 90 feet between bases. For forty-eight of those games I have been behind the plate.The difficulty is establishing the strike zone early and staying with it. The amount of pressure that I have on me is a tiny drop in the bucket compared to the big league umpires. Yes, I make mistakes, but I am fortunate to be in an area where fans almost never act out; the same is true with the coaches, who set the tone, and the players. This is my 20th season, so I have gotten to know the coaches, some of whom I umpired when they were growing up, which helps. I still look forward to the games.

      • I think the players can except that there will be mistakes. Consistency is the problem. If one pitcher gets a certain call, the other pitchers should also. And it is really aggravating when the strike zone changes later in the game. Calling anything close a strike to get the game over.

      • Used to pretty much have the same guy behind the plate when I pitched in LL. Once it was clear that he would never call a strike above the belt, I tried to stay away from throwing it there.

  7. Happy Birthday, Willie Mays! He turned 91 yesterday. A great treat of the All-Star games when I was growing up was getting to root unabashedly for Mays. Mays is tied with Araron and Musial for most All-Star games at 24 — there were two games each 1959 through 1962. Mays batted .307 in 75 A-S at bats and holds the records for most hits at 23 and runs at 20. I was fortunate enough to go the 1984 game at Candlestick Park. The NL won 3-1. Valenzuela struck out future Hall of Famers Dave Winfield, Reggie Jackson and George Brett in the 4th and Gooden struck out Lance Parrish, Chet Leomon and Alvin Dark in the 5th.

  8. My father took me to the Roy Campanella Benefit game 63 years ago tonight. We tried to buy tickets, but the booths were engulfed by fans, some of whom were getting rowdy, and police had to come to settle things down. We never could get close to the booth, and with game time getting close, my dad took me in using his press pass. I will never forget that night.

      • What was he like with Spokane?,,,He was a character in the big leagues. An excellent book came out recently about his close ties with Buzzie Bavasi. It’s called “Buzzie and the Bull.” Ferrara was an exceptional piano player growing up, but his grandmother insisted that he keep playing the piano and not spend so much time on baseball. She said he could give up the piano if he reached Carnegie Hall, no small feat. And so he kept practicing at the keyboard. Finally, he capped a program of young people by performing the final piece of a concert on stage at Carnegie Hall — the most prestigious spot on the program. Grandmother kept her promise. Ferrara never played the piano again.

  9. The Dodger bullpen leads the NL in ERA (2.59), WHIP (0.90) and fewest walks (21).

  10. The Dodgers have one hit. Can you recall the two games — both in 1965 — in which the Dodgers beat the Cubs despite getting only one hit both times?

  11. The Gnatpen is melting down again, and the Redbirds have come back from a 9-4 deficit to make it 9-7 in the seventh.

  12. At the Litterbox in SD, Zelmo injured himself diving for a ball and had to come out of the game.

  13. I still find it hard to believe that we have Freddie Freeman.”A drunkard’s dream if I ever did see one” — The Band.

  14. If we can get five innings out of Anderson with no more than three runs allowed, I would be content.

  15. Mookie saved that inning….Bellinger and Taylor are both among the NL Top Ten in strikeouts, but while Bellinger is hitting .205, Taylor is at .289.

      • Is it because too many players are concentrating on “the angle of elevation”?

        • Most players don’t shorten up just to make contact in 2 strike counts. Just keep swinging for the fence.

          • Shortening up with two strikes was a mantra when I was growing up. Very few of the high school kids do that now.

          • Me too. There is no stigma or negative connotation to striking out now days.

  16. Because it is a doubleheader, were the Dodgers allowed to add another player for today? If so, who?

  17. Not the way to go, Belli. I have to think that pitchers relish facing him.

  18. Kershaw’s ERA is now 1.80, his WHIP is 0.73, and opponents are batting .181 against him.

  19. SPTyler Anderson L
    2-0 2.55 ERA

    RF Mookie Betts R
    1B F. Freeman L
    SS Trea Turner R
    C Will Smith R
    3B Max Muncy L
    DH J. Turner R
    CF C. Bellinger L
    LF Chris Taylor R
    2B H. Alberto R

    0% Rain
    52° Wind 9 mph In

  20. Brought up from the prior post’s comments, where I wrote:

    If the Dodgers are going to have these rotating announcers working with Joe on the road they should publish the broadcasters’ schedule on their website. I don’t think we get Jessica Mendoza again until the first week of July, which is too long a wait for me. I like her in the booth. On the basis of one game, I enjoyed Dontrelle Willis’s commentary today. He seems to be a happy-go-lucky guy.

    OTOH, if they forgot Eric Karros I wouldn’t complain. Great HR hitter and good first baseman; announcer? Not so much.

    • i didn’t like Mendoza on ESPN, but I think she is doing a good job with the Dodgers, where she doesn’t have to share a booth with Alex Rodriguez.

          • Hope he enjoys the booth ’cause he ain’t getting in the HOF. If I never saw or heard ARod again in my life, it would be too soon. Cheating piece of crap. Needs to pound sand with Barry Melon Head Bonds and Clemens.