Open Thread #6, 2022

The Dodgers announced a passel of front office moves today.

The Dodgers announced multiple front office moves Tuesday, including the promotion of former Vice President, Assistant General Manager Brandon Gomes to General Manager.

In addition, the Dodgers promoted Alex Slater to Vice President, Assistant General Manager, Brandon McDaniel to Vice President of Player Performance and Thomas Albert to Head Athletic Trainer. Damon Jones has also joined the Dodger front office as Vice President, Assistant General Manager & Baseball Legal Counsel.

Gomes, 37, becomes the 12th general manager in Dodgers history and the first since Farhan Zaidi departed to become the Giants’ President of Baseball Operations in November 2018.

Two Brandons, huh?

20 thoughts on “Open Thread #6, 2022

  1. From The Athletic, one of the areas of disagreement between MLB and MLBPA is this:

    Minimum salaries. The players want to up the minimum from $570,500 to $775,000, straight up. The league wants to stagger that with $615,000 for first-year players, $650,000 for second-year guys and $715,000 for third-year players.

    This sounds like a small issue, right? How many players make the minimum anyway? Turns out, a lot: In 2019, more than 60 percent of major leaguers were in their first, second or third season of service time. The league is young.

  2. I’d sooner have the Dodgers’ front-office Brandons than the Gnats’ pair on the diamond.

  3. Prospect pipeline restocked with 4-5 in Top 100 (depending upon who is ranking). Up from 3 on Baseball America last year, which included two (Ruiz and Gray) who are gone now.