NLCS Game Five, 2021

Braves at Dodgers, 5:07 PM PDT, TV: TBS

LHP Max Fried (postseason 1-0, 1.50 ERA) tries to close out the Series for the Braves, while the Dodgers throw their entire bullpen (or at least those who aren’t exhausted).

Today in baseball history the newly-moved San Francisco Giants bought and moved the San Francisco Seals to Phoenix, Arizona. The hallowed PCL team had played in the City-by-the-Bay since 1903. The Phillies won their first-ever World Series behind Steve Carlton’s four-hitter in 1980 on this date, in 2000 the Yankees and Mets played the longest World Series game ever (to that point), 12 innings in 4:51, and in 2006 two rookie pitchers started a World Series game against one another for the first time; the Cardinals’ Anthony Reyes outdueled the Tigers’ Justin Verlander.

Lineups when available.



414 thoughts on “NLCS Game Five, 2021

  1. Highlights of attending last night’s game:
    –Great mood and excitement of the fans, which gradually diminished after the Braves hit three homers in the first three innings
    –Getting there early and walking around Dodger Stadium, which remains a beautiful ballpark 59 years after it opened
    –Hanging out with my oldest friend, with whom I went to the first Dodgers Sunday home game in 1962
    –Tremendous Mariachi band
    –A Dodger Dog
    –Missing Rosario’s second home run and getting out of the parking lot within three minutes
    –Bellinger continuing to awaken with the bat
    –Pollock knocking in a pair of runs
    –Actually getting the leadoff man on (but only once), thanks to…
    –…Pujols’s ringing pinch-hit single
    –Saving $17.75 by not buying a beer
    –Saving $35.50 by not buying two beers
    –Not listening to the postgame show
    –Reading all your posts after getting back to my friends’ home
    –Despite it all, reminding myself that we are not done yet.
    Lowlights (too numerous to mention), except for these two: Why didn’t Roberts have anyone warming up in the bullpen after Urias had allowed three homers before completing three innings? And JT’s hamstring injury

  2. Just found out that Burns has played in the Australian Baseball League with the Sydney Blue Sox

  3. I hate to think this, but 16 hits and counting, I hope we dont revert to 1 or 2 runs on Saturday.

  4. I dont want to speak too soon, but if both Max and Walker pitch their ‘A’ game, (you never know) lightning may strike twice

  5. Hope Max can go about 7 strong on Sat night. The bullpen can use starters doing some of the heavy lifting.

    • Yeah, remember seeing him once or twice batting during the season. Looks imposing at least.

  6. And, by the way, I don’t know if the $17.75 was for a fancy beer yesterday. Even if it was, I know that a regular beer would have been in double figures (not counting a decimal point). An incredible mark up in any event. The Dodger Dog is not as good as it is no longer Farmer John .

  7. I decided, in somewhat of an act of mental health, that I wouldn’t turn on the game until 6:30. So, I just did. I like the 4-2 score — that seems to be the score in many of the games in this series — but, of course, I was disappointed to see Cody fan and Andy get robbed. Your posts, all of which I just read, brought me up to speed on the highs and lows of the games thus far. The top of the first didn’t look like any fun.

  8. Starters just not getting the job done, with few exceptions, throughout the postseason in baseball. Everyone tired after shift from 60 to 162.

  9. I was getting out of the car at the library (picked up Joe Posnanski’s new book) as Freeman hit his HR. I apologize, folks: I swore mightily.

  10. Fried grew up in LA area and was a Dodger fan dreaming of pitching in Dodger Stadium. Welcome!

  11. Trea intentionally hits one into the hole on the right side and now AJ hits a home run. The stars have shifted in the slies.

  12. Glad to see JT laughing in the dugout and Mookie laughing in the outfield. Makes me feel better for some reason.

  13. Glad to see JT laughing in the dugout and Mookie laughing in the outfield. Makes me feel better for some reason.

  14. Welp – miracles do happen! I will be watching at my brother’s house on Long Island. My husband will be home, switching between Dune, and probable doom.