Game 104, 2021

Dodgers at Giants, 12:45 PM PDT, TV: NBCS BA, SPNLA

LHP David Price (4-0, 3.35 ERA) takes the hill for the Dodgers. He’ll face RHP Johnny Cueto (6-5, 4.09 ERA) of the Giants.

Today in Dodgers’ history:

  • 1915 Pirates third baseman Honus Wagner reaches Robins hurler Jeff Pfeffer for a grand slam in the eighth inning, helping Pittsburgh beat Brooklyn at Forbes Field, 8-2. The inside-the-park round-tripper makes the 41 year-old infielder the oldest player ever to hit a home run with the bases full, a record which will last until 1985.
  • 1996 After a mild heart attack last month, Tommy Lasorda, 68 year-old Dodger manager of twenty years, announces his retirement due to his health. The future Hall of Fame skipper, who was named the National League Manager of the Year in 1983 and ’88, led Los Angeles to four pennants and two World Series championships during his 21 seasons at the helm.0


93 thoughts on “Game 104, 2021

  1. Trea Turner will be very fun to watch. Not sure where he will bat but I like the idea of Betts and Turner back to back. Add the good versions of Lux and Bellinger and the Dodgers could have awesome speed in the first four spots on their lineup. Might have to wait for next year for that though.

    It would be nice to keep Seager and move him to third and Justin to DH next year.

    I haven’t seen but a few innings of Dodger games this year.

  2. I thought AF might have one more move in him today but I guess not. Was kinda hoping for some like Ian Kennedy or even Raisel Iglesias to fill out the pen just that last bit more.
    Yesterday was thrilling. Today not so much.

  3. Now what do they do with Seager? Probably won’t be resigning him this winter. I guess TTurner could play 2nd.

  4. Scherzer to the Dodgers still possible. Maybe bringing Trea Turner with him.
    Dodgers might be saying thanks and so long to Ruiz, Lux and others.

  5. Can’t wait to get Seegs, Mook, and Kersh back. Won’t have to endure the Raleys, Neuses, and McKinneys.

  6. Really didn’t see this one coming. Didn’t think AF would give up Ruiz. I have mixed feelings about this deal. If it gets us another WS title, it will be well worth it. If we don’t win it all, I am not so sure it will end up being worth what we gave up.

  7. Best Dodgers can do this month is 15-11. Not bad but certainly not enough to catch San Fran.

  8. Getting shut out by San Fran worse than getting no-hit by the Cubs? Maybe Dodgers will win 10 in a row after this one.

  9. A real stinker today. Oh well, off to Arizona to recover and root for the cheatin’ Stros.

  10. The Gnats approach and all around performances are so reminiscent of the Dodgers in the last two or three years. Kapler’s influence I am absolutely sure.

  11. As Ohio Dodger noted below, we are sorely limited by the number of players either injured, out for the year, or, in Belli’s case, MIA at the plate. It’s kind of a miracle we are even still in this race!

    • I agree. I never expected that Seager would be out 2 1/2 months or that Kershaw would be out as long as he has or Betts would have to go on the IL The Dodgers are not forthcoming when it comes to injuries. Is that true with other clubs? McKinstry has faded badly. On the plus side, we can look at Pollock’s resurgence, great years by Turner, Taylor, Buehler and Urías among others. We still have nearly 60 games remaining.

    • Nothing going right today. Too many walks in the first inning from Price. Not enough hits for the Dodgers. Too many 2 out RBI’s given up. Costly error.

      They look a bit flat and listless today for whatever reason.

      But still time to turn it around.

  12. Cueto is rolling. And usually the 2nd inning is his roughest inning apparently.