NLCS Game Two, 2020

Braves vs Dodgers, 3:05 PM PDT, TV: FS1

The Braves give the ball to rookie RHP Ian Anderson, who made his first appearance in the big leagues on August 26. He went 3-2 in the regular season and has improved on that once the postseason began, going 2-0 and allowing no runs at all in 11 2/3 innings. The Dodgers had planned to ask LHP Clayton Kershaw to get them even, but back spasms have intervened. They will send RHP Tony Gonsolin to the mound instead. This will be the first postseason appearance of his career.

Here’s the rest of the story of Kershaw’s back and the Dodgers’ plans for the rotation.

Today in Dodgers’ history:

  • 1974 Herb Washington, representing the tying run in the top of the ninth, is picked off first base by Dodger closer Mike Marshall for the second out of Game 2, the only contest the A’s will lose in the Fall Classic. The world-class sprinter, who will never have a plate appearance in his brief 105-game career, was selected by Oakland owner Charlie Finley to become the team’s “designated runner,” a position that doesn’t exist with any other major league club.

    Lineups when available.

    Braves’ lineup:

    Dodgers’ lineup:

287 thoughts on “NLCS Game Two, 2020

  1. They said that the Dodgers have the advantage in a longer series, so we shall see. We have pretty good guys to throw out there for the next three games with Urias, May and hopefully Klayton. They have another youngster tomorrow that did well against the Marlins, but had ERA above 5 for the season. After that they will need some pen games.

  2. Thinking ahead: Graterol or Gonzalez for the save? *Whoops. We’re the home team. There can’t be a save.)

  3. Looks like Kolarek can’t get righties out. Guess that’s why Doc brought in Baez to face Freeman with Ozuna and their catcher to follow. Didn’t work out.

  4. They seem to be lacking some cameras. Aren’t following foul balls. Or maybe it’s editorial not wanting to focus on the small crowd.

  5. I remember the Yankees came back against the Dodgers with Reggie Jackson hitting a home run in a losing cause and then kept hitting them in the following games for a Yankee series win. Charlie Hough was his biggest victim. The Dodgers did not waste this comeback.

  6. I’m sure I’m in the minority but to me that hurts more than losing 8-4 or whatever.

  7. Ok. Let’s get more on base here and then start the scoring machine up and running.

  8. 3 runs here. 2 more next inning. All of a sudden things would look a whole lot better. Let’s get it done Dodgers.

  9. I go to the doc’s office when there’s no score after one inning. I come back out and it’s 6-0 Braves and the Dodgers have one hit.

    What did you guys DO?

  10. This inning reminds me of the joke about the guy who was asked what he wanted people to say at his open casket funeral in church. He responded, “Look, he’s moving!”

  11. A gross analogy: Resigning Wood this season was akin to taking gum from underneath the restaurant table where you put it on a prior visit and chewing it again, His ERA this year, in only nine games, was 6.39.

  12. Urias pitches tomorrow, possibly with May pitching the first inning, Kershaw, recovered from back spasms wins Thursday and voila! the series is tied. And we still have three more innings to win today’s game!

  13. Just looked at Gameday. Yikes. But also, ump has tightened the zone. He’d better be consistent.

  14. Freeman hit .250 this season vs righties, .373 vs. lefties, so why did Roberts bring in a righty to face Freeman? He had five lefties in the pen — four, not counting Wood, and three, not counting Urias, who will be needed for many innings in a closer game.

  15. That was a strike three call by every call this ump has been making for Anderson. So unfair.

  16. Well that was a bad 15 minutes to go prep some dinner.
    From cruising to losing is a tough transition.

    • Now, this is a story all about how
      My life got flipped-turned upside down
      And I’d like to take a minute
      Just sit right there
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  17. After striking Seager out with a change up tried to sneak a low fastball by him. Had to make one more pitch to do it again. Also had to add that second sentence because I couldn’t post the first one fast enough.

  18. Maybe they are kvelling so much about Anderson because he’s up there pitching for SO MUCH LONGER than Tony.

  19. If you know a guys out pitch is a change – that admittedly looks exactly like his fastball – wouldn’t you slow your bat down?

  20. I rarely say the word hate but I do hate high and inside pitches but if there could have been a better first pitch to open the game, I don’t know what it would have been, I mean, it even hit the bat.

  21. I strangely think the Dodgers chances of winning tonight don’t change all that much with the switch from Kershaw to Gonsolin.

  22. Dodgers starting lineup has produced zero runs in the NLCS so far. (Small sample size.)

  23. Don’t know how much of today’s game I will be able to watch because of work. So curious how the Dodgers will respond after last night’s tough loss.