Game 14, 2020

I bought a pre-owned copy of Miracle Men recently. It’s a chronicle of the 1988 Dodgers’ season, and I’ve just gotten to Game One of the World Series. The author mentions a fan named Josie Becker who recreated the entire ninth inning with Nintendo’s RBI Baseball and uploaded it to YouTube:

Giants at Dodgers, 6:30 PM PDT, TV: MLBN (out-of-market only), NBCS-BA, SPNLA

The visiting Giants give RHP Jeff Samardzija (0-1, 9.31 ERA) the ball this evening. He’ll face the Dodgers’ LHP Julio Urias (1-0, 2.45 ERA). Samardzija had a blister which kept him from using his splitter in his last outing against the Rangers on Sunday; we’ll see if it’s back for tonight’s game. Urias went five innings against the Giants and gave up just one run in his first start this year; he went six innings in his second start against the D-Backs. In his seven career starts against San Francisco he’s posted an ERA of 1.16.

Here’s CT3’s game-ending throw from Wednesday night:

From Houston Mitchell’s Dodger Dugout column at the LA Times:

MLB and the players’ union came to an agreement earlier this week that allows the roster to remain at 28 players for the remainder of the season, instead of cutting down to 26 in a couple of weeks, which was the original plan.

Today in Dodgers’ history:

  • 2003 Fireballer Eric Gagne ties the single-season record for consecutive saves to start a season, established in 1995 by Jose Mesa of the Indians. The Dodger closer strikes out the Reds’ side in the ninth inning for his 38th save this season and 46th consecutive regular-season save overall.

Lineup when available.

134 thoughts on “Game 14, 2020

  1. Not that there was a doubt in my mind but the Dodgers have a catcher show up in the batters box

  2. A lot of dives and misses in the outfield this game. Not that I could do any better!

  3. Scotty is really throwing strikes this year: 70% in his previous 3 appearances and 9-7 tonight

  4. I’m having deja vu, though these are not the Padres. But the guy at the plate can hurt us.

  5. I would have thought that this year without fans in the seats that a lot of the extraneous stuff that slows a game would be gone and the games would be shorter, but they seem the same or longer as far as I can tell.

      • I was thinking beachballs, crowd noise making people step off the rubber or out of the box more, that kind of thing. In addition I thought the reliever rule would cut down on the number of relievers used as well.

        • Never seen a very good analysis. People focus more on the pitchers and I guess they may be taking more time between pitches. But the batters getting in and out of the box has something to do with that. Multiply that by what might be a greater number of pitches per game because of all the k’s and seemingly more foul balls.

  6. Weird. Kiké contesting the Ump call for a HBP but overturned by NY. Never saw that before.

  7. Mattingly’s Fish win again, and still have baseball’s best record at 7-1 (.875).

  8. When I have never heard of the first 2 batters for SF this inning, I realise I haven’t been following baseball very closely this year

      • Our 2 major winter sports (AFL and rugby league) are playing full seasons after a COVID delay. The season will just go longer.
        Not possible over there due to your rapidly decreasing temperatures from October.

  9. I wonder what they will do if teams can’t catch up missing games, will they just use percentages?

  10. Gameday’s all over the place. First it said Smith grounded to first, then that he struck out. Then it Peterson homered but then grounded out. Then it said Mookie homered. I didn’t have audio, as we were eating dinner.

  11. Hadn’t realized that Julio has so many GS against the giants. Only 30 in his career and almost a quarter of them.

  12. Just saw the “highlight” in which Seager missed a pitch straight down the middle.

  13. Man on third and no outs and the last thing we want is a K or a popup and we got the latter twice. Let’s go Cory.

      • I guess this being LA, it would be a map to the home of the strike zone of the stars. Pick up on selected street corners on Sunset.

  14. After another positive today, Redbirds’ game is postponed. They’ve played only five games.

  15. Betts returns. The starting lineup:

    Pederson LF
    Betts RF
    Bellinger CF
    Turner DH
    Seager SS
    Muncy 1B
    Taylor 2B
    Rios 3B
    Smith C
    (Urias P)