Game 109, 2019

Dodgers vs. Rockies, 5:40 PM PDT, TV: ATT SportsNet-RM, SPNLA

LHP Julio Urias (4-2, 2.34 ERA) makes his first start since June and second since April, taking the spot Ross Stripling has filled in Rich Hill’s absence. Now Stripling is injured (right biceps tendinitis), so the no-longer-teenager Urias will come out of the pen tonight. I don’t imagine him going more than three or four innings. Interestingly, his splits as starter and reliever are virtually the same in WHIP and BA Against: 0.97 and .173. He’ll face LHP Kyle Freeland (2-8, 7.00 ERA), who’s gone 0-3 with a 8.79 ERA in his last seven starts. His last one was mildly encouraging: he gave up just one run in six innings against the Nats. Look for a lot of Dodger baserunners as Freeland’s walked 29 batters in 73 1/3 innings this year.

Even when the play turns out okay Joc’s defense at first looks shaky:

Today in Dodgers’ history:

  • 2004 In a blockbuster trade, the Marlins deal Brad Penny, the winner of two World Series games last season, first baseman Hee Seop Choi, and southpaw prospect Bill Murphy (who will be traded to the Diamondbacks tomorrow) to the Dodgers for backstop Paul Lo Duca, relief pitcher Guillermo Mota, and much-traveled outfielder Juan Encarnacion.
  • 2017 Texas third baseman Adrian Beltre collects his 3000th hit when he doubles in the fourth inning in the Rangers’ 10-6 loss to the Orioles at Globe Life Park in Arlington. The twenty-year veteran, who has also spent time with the Dodgers, Mariners, and the Red Sox, is the first-ever Dominican-born player to reach the coveted milestone.

Lineup when available.

88 thoughts on “Game 109, 2019

  1. With tonight’s results, the Dodgers are 15 ahead of the Gnats, 15.5 ahead of the Snakes, 19 ahead of the Pads and 19.5 ahead of the Rox. They remain 6.5 ahead of the Barves for NL’s best, and are 1/2 game ahead of the Minute Maids for best in baseball.

  2. Sadler, in only his 24th MLB game in four seasons, collects his second one, his first since 2015.

    • And Gonsolin gets the four-inning save. He has faced 35 major league hitters and allowed no walks.

  3. Now let’s get on the phone to makes some trades Mr. Dodger President.

  4. Okay, Tony, if you are going to be a rookie on this team your are going to have to learn to hit home runs.

  5. Factoid of the day: In 1935 the late Augie Galan, who played several years for the Dodgers during WWII, “became the first full-time player to make 649 plate appearances and
    not hit into a double play, though he hit into a triple play that year.”(Source: Wikipedia).

  6. Nice bit of pitching tonight by Sadler. So in the clubhouse will he be singing “The Ballad of the Green Berets” or “My and Julio Down by the Ballyard”?

    • Something tells me that those aren’t songs from Beyoncé or TSwift.

      To be honest, I have heard Green Berets lots but I am not at all familiar with the second song.

          • It’s a very catchy song.
            From Wikipedia:
            “The song is about two boys (“Me and Julio”) who have broken a law,
            although the exact law that has been broken is not stated in the song.
            When “the mama pajama” finds out what they have done, she goes to the police station to report the crime. The individuals are later arrested,
            but released when a “radical priest” intervenes.

            “The meaning and references in the song have long provoked debate. In a July 20, 1972 interview for Rolling Stone, Jon Landau
            asked Simon: “What is it that the mama saw? The whole world wants to
            know.” Simon replied “I have no idea what it is… Something sexual is
            what I imagine, but when I say ‘something’, I never bothered to figure
            out what it was. Didn’t make any difference to me.”

            ==The “radical priest” was likely Daniel Berrigan, a pacifist, activist Jesuit priest who strongly opposed the Vienam War, and was a playwright, poet and author. He was the first-ever priest ever to be on the FBI’s “most wanted listed” and spent time in prison. He was also on the cover of Time. He died in 2016 at the age of 94.

          • You’re welcome. There is a great video of the song that features a young Paul Simon playing basketball in a New York park. My efforts to copy it and paste it on this site were unsuccessful. It’s worth viewing.

    • Be struggling with the bat for a while. Tonight struggled with the glove as well.

    • The Dodgers should probably score multiple runs every inning just to be safe. And to make a beautiful linescore.

  7. That was Negron’s first MLB homer of the year, second since 2014 and eighth of his career.

  8. Bad news: Verdugo thrown out at second.
    Good news: More Negron next inning!

  9. Of the bottom three in our starting lineup tonight — Negron, Martin and Urias — who has the highest batting average this season?