Game 107, 2019

Dodgers at Nationals, 10:35 AM PDT, TV: MASN, SPNLA, TBS

RHP Walker Buehler (9-1, 3.23 ERA) goes for win number ten in a day game against the Nationals’ Stephen Strasburg (13-4, 3.37 ERA), who’s tied for the MLB lead in wins with Justin Verlander of the Astros and Lance Lynn of the Rangers. Buehler’s last (and only) loss was May 18, while the Nats have won the last six games Strasburg’s started.

Here is young Mr. Smith’s 3-hit 6-RBI game. He spread the wealth: the HR and the sac fly were to the right-center gap while the two-run double was to left-center.

Today in Dodgers’ history:

  • 1991 Expos right-hander Dennis Martinez pitches a perfect game, defeating Los Angeles 2-0 at Dodger Stadium. Ron Hassey becomes the first backstop to ever catch two perfect games, as he also was behind the plate on May 15, 1981 when Indian hurler Len Barker faced 27 batters, beating the Blue Jays, 3-0.
  • 2017 Alex Wood won his twelfth game against just one loss, going seven innings while giving up eight hits and four runs to the Giants. The Dodgers came from behind with four runs in the seventh and won 6-4.

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167 thoughts on “Game 107, 2019

  1. The Dodgers traded for Kristopher Negron for infield depth while Kike and CT3 are on the IL.He’s not a good hitter, slashing .216/.289/.328 for a .617 OPS over 320 AB over 6 seasons, most recently with Seattle.

    With Kike down, they need a backup shortstop, but this guy? I get they don’t want to bring up Lux just yet, but this guy can’t hit. (Of course, I woulda said the same thing about CT3 when they got him from Seattle.)

  2. Joc made Scherzer, er a Strasburg make three pitches in working the count (edited)

  3. At this point the Dodgers are realizing they perhaps would have been better off if they hadn’t given up those last 4 runs.

  4. So Will Martinez come and take the ball from the pitcher and throw it over the centerfield wall?

  5. Glad the Dodgers has already won the first two games. They might not complete the sweep today.

  6. Yikes. Went for a bike ride with my son and looks like the wheels fell of for the Dodgers.

  7. Strasburg has thrown 100 pitches through 7. Maybe we can face their relatively poor bullpen from now on.

  8. With their suspect bullpen, I would not be surprised to see Strasburg go nine today.

  9. Dodgers entered the game with the lowest fielding percentage in the NL, but until a few weeks ago I think they had the highest or were near that.

    • On one of the Dodgers ESPN games, they were talking about how they led the league in fielding, and how focused they were, then they started making errors like crazy. Is there an ESPN jinx like Sports Illustrated?

  10. Wonder what Doc was thinking after Buehler allowed the RBI-single by Strasburg. Let the kid try to tough it out.? It was working except for the error on the last play.

    • He caught a hard hit two hopper, knew where to throw it without hesitation, and then short hopped the catcher. A good throw might have allowed Smith to return the throw for a double play.

  11. Despite what I would have thought, Dodger hitters have the second fewest strikeouts in the NL season.

  12. Just catching up on the game. It looks like our bats need to wake up from their nap, like my grandson just did.

      • Dozier had 5 HRs for us last year in 47 games; he now has 15 for the Nationals in 98 games this season. He hit 42 for the Twins in 2016 and 34 for them in 2017. Dozier was not one of our better acquisitions. He provided far less than anticipated.

  13. Like a tennis player’s shot hitting the net and having the ball drop over.

  14. So no repeat of Montreal/Washington franchise perfect gaming the Dodgers a la 28 years ago.

  15. So I join in an interesting game already in progress. A little too interesting if you ask me.

    • Was it Scherzer or Strasburg that Joc broke up the perfect game in the playoffs in the 7th with a HR that led to a Dodger win?

  16. Like a scene from a DiPalma movie, you could see that thrown out at the plate developing

    • It did look like slow motion. All it lacked was Cory leaping to the side as he threw home.

  17. That was the epitome of lumbering by Adams. No way they should’ve sent him.

    • It was one of those “you gotta go for it and hope they don’t execute with the pitcher coming up and two outs”.

  18. Today, second section behind the plate slightly up the first baseline. Will be calling balls and strikes.

  19. Starting play today, the Dodgers lead the Snakes and Gnats by 15-1/2, the Pads by 19, and the Rox by 19-1/2. They’re still 6-1/2 better than the Barves for the NL’s best, and two full games better (three more wins, one less loss) than the Yanquis in all of baseball.