World Series Game Four, 2017

Dodgers at Astros, 5:10 PM PT, TV: Fox

Down two games to one, if the Dodgers’ backs are not against the wall (the train tracks?) they’re being pushed closer and closer to it. They ask LHP Alex Wood (16-3, 2.72 ERA) to stop the Astros’ offensive onslaught or hold it off until they can get their own bats in gear. They’ll have to do it against RHP Charlie Morton (14-7, 3.62 ERA). Wood pitched 4 2/3 innings of Game Three of the NLCS against the Cubs, giving up three runs and taking the loss. Morton lost Game Three of the ALCS to the Yankees but came back to pitch five two-hit innings in Game Five and get the win.

Today in baseball history:

  • 1981 The Dodgers, after dropping the first two games of the Fall Classic, defeat the Yankees, 9-2, capturing the World Championship in six games. The victory at the Bronx ballpark marks the third time this postseason that Los Angeles has come from behind to win a series, having been down 0-2 against the Astros in the five-game strike-necessitated NLDS, and 1-2 behind the Expos in the NLCS five-game series.
  • 1981 Entering Game 6 of the World Series in the fifth inning, Yankee right-hander George Frazier, relieving starter Tommy John, gives up three go-ahead runs in the team’s 9-2 elimination loss to the Dodgers at Yankee Stadium. The 27 year-old right-hander becomes the first pitcher to lose three games in a best of seven World Series, and the second hurler to lose that many in any Fall Classic, joining White Sox southpaw Lefty Williams, who also dropped a trio of games in the best-of-nine series played in 1919.
  • 1995 In Game 6, Tom Glavine and Mark Wohlers combine on a one-hitter to defeat the Indians, 1-0, giving the Braves their third World Championship, the first since moving to Atlanta. David Justice’s leadoff homer in the sixth inning off Jim Poole proves to be the difference.
  • 1998

    “It is especially fitting that this legislation honors a courageous baseball player and individual, the late Curt Flood, whose enormous talents on the baseball diamond were matched by his courage off the field. It was 29 years ago this month that Curt Flood refused a trade from the St. Louis Cardinals to the Philadelphia Phillies. His bold stand set in motion the events that culminate in the bill I have signed into law.” – BILL CLINTON, U.S. president commenting on the Curt Flood Act.

    President Clinton signs Curt Flood Act of 1998, revoking baseball’s antitrust exemption for labor matters, but not for matters involving relocation, expansion or the minor leagues. The passage of the legislation by the 105th Congress comes over seventy-five years after the Supreme Court ruled that the sport was not involved in interstate commerce or trade as customarily defined within the context of the Sherman Antitrust Act.

  • 2009 In Game 1, Chase Utley, en route to a record-tying five World Series homers, becomes the first left-handed batter in 81 years to hit two round-trippers off a southpaw in a Fall Classic game. The Philadelphia second baseman, who also set a postseason record by reaching base in 26 straight games with his first-inning walk, goes deep twice off Yankee southpaw CC Sabathia in the Phillies’ 6-1 victory in New York, to match Babe Ruth’s performance in the fourth and final game of the 1928 series.

Lineup when available.

366 thoughts on “World Series Game Four, 2017

  1. I just reviewed last night’s ninth – my feed conked out briefly – and I was amazed that Seager threaded the shift to lead off the inning.

      • Given the exaggerated shifts these days, that grounder couldn’t have been placed in a better spot. He was due, having had several hard-hit balls turned into outs in the Series thus far.

  2. Kershaw pitching in Texas in the World Series. Must bring out some childhood dreams for him.

  3. Checked Barry’s Tickets. Looks like a seat comparable to what I had for Game 1 is “only” about $1-200 more for Game 6.
    If Kersh gets them the Series lead manana, I’m sure any leftover tickets will skyrocket.

    • I would want two tickets so have to think twice. Don’t have to worry about it though as I am not going to fly in from NH anyway.

      I still have WS tickets for a game never played. That’s as close as I have come to being at a WS game.

      We only have so many memories that are a big part of our psyche and the atmosphere of a WS game would be one of those. $2000 might not be all that much in comparison to what one gets or compared with what else one would buy.

      • No, just curious. I had expected them to really jack up the prices once the game was guaranteed to happen.

  4. 27 out of 34 runs the Dodgers have allowed this post-season have been scored via the HR. That seems extraordinarily high (79.4%) – but I actually thought it was going to be closer to 90%!

      • Culberson will probably play either as DH or 3B with Turner the DH should Turner’s knee still be sore. I think Cory will stay at SS.

        Doc did keep Ethier out of the lineup against a righty and didn’t use him to pinch hit for Barnes with the bases loaded in the 9th. Joc might have a very small chance to start.

        If I am understanding why Kike’ is in LF instead of DH and Joc the DH it is because the DH can’t be used to play defense. Doc wants to be able to sub Kike’ into the infield if the need arises so he has to play a position.

  5. Yes!! Just put my son to bed. He feels a cold coming on so no late night for him tonight.

  6. Guessing that Kenley faces the top of the order, whenever that arrives this inning or next.

  7. REALLY surprised Belli was cleanup.
    Sure hope that double opens things up for him . . . and he comes up big again tonight!

  8. I like Barnes but, given his recent struggles, I’m surprised Grandal’s not gotten more of a chance.

      • One was released.
        The other — more serious — one is doing much better than originally feared. He had a neck injury besides broken ribs, but he is moving his extremities. so that’s great. He wil have a surgery tomorrow.
        Thanks for asking.

  9. Who would have thought it would have been so hard for us to score one run? It seems like a mountain. Dodgers now hitting .152 in this World Series, .130 so far in Houston.

  10. The “Oh crap” gave it away. It’s been “oh crap” ever since the 8th inning in Game 2.

  11. Not sure I can take much more of this. I think I will catch up on some work I need to do.

    • I was totally thinking about that too and how awkward that would have been for them.

  12. I can’t see this right now. Is Morton just pitching lights out or is it that we are so bad at the plate?

  13. I’d like to hear the Foxxers talk about why Juice Bar Field is no longer Dirty Gusher Park.

  14. That was a beautiful strike. If you like your strikes low and off the plate that is.

  15. If AJ Hinch was embarrassed by Gurriel’s action – he could have sat him for a game or three.

      • But really – wouldn’t the best response be a team response – and not wait to be forced by MLB to suspend him. That would seem to have more meaning to me. And yes, it would not be appealed.

        • Players are not paid for WS games other than the shares players get.. So by suspending him for the first 5 games next year, he looses 5/162 of his salary. He already said he will not appeal.

          • So money – which he has healthy amount of – is the punishment – rather than significance of game play in the playoffs? It happened in the WS – it should be dealt with in the WS.

          • The Commissioner talked with all stakeholders and then said he didn’t want to punish 24 other Astros players. Because it happened in the WS, Gurielle’s behavior was under the spotlight. He learned and he is embarrassed.

          • If my math is correct, the $10,519,000 that makes up the rest of his salary should soften the blow.

  16. In the intros, Buck and Smoltz said nary a word about Gurriel. Rosenthal, however, just brought it up.

  17. How about this Dodgers? Win today, tomorrow, and Tuesday. And send us into winter happy, hearty, and hale.

  18. I don’t think I have been this tense for many games over the six decades that I have been a Dodgers fan. I may have to turn on the TV after the game has been on a while.

  19. It will be interesting to see if Fox mentions the Gurriel incident tonight and, if so, how. They said nothing whatsoever during last night’s game, even though it quickly made an impact on Twitter and other media.

  20. Real life again puts things in perspective: Four men I know and am friendly with were riding bikes this morning and were hit by a car. One was pronounced dead at the scene, two of them hospitalized, apparently one seriously.
    The man who died was a Dodger fan — he even attended their fantasy camp several years ago.

    • Oh Bob. That is such sad news. Prayers for the family of all the bikers, especially the one who was killed.
      I am a seasonal bike rider (not winter) and twice this week have had cars nearly hit me. Anyway, that is such sad and tragic news. My condolences.

    • Sorry to hear. I just came from a ride to Treasure Island, most of it on bicycle path, but traffic on the island itself was much heavier than usual. That said, it never moves very fast, though there’s a tricky freeway on-ramp to negotiate.

  21. One thing that I have noticed but laughed off because the Dodgers have cruised through the post-season up to the (8th inning of) Game 2 of the World Series:

    Dodger pitching has given up at least one home run in every game. They have given up 20 HR’s in 11 games.

    To be fair, they have hit 19 in the same amount of games. They went homeless in 2 of their 11 games (won one against AZ and lost yesterday to Houston.)

    What has held true so far is Dodgers have won all the games were they have had more hits, and lost all the games where they haven’t.

  22. On this date, may the Dodgers channel the ’81 team as well as the exploits of younger Chase.

  23. Biggest question of the day:
    Who will show for the Dodgers, the boys of summer . . . or the blahs of September?

    • I’ve let go today. Yesterday was pretty rough on my nervous system, so I am entering this game expecting little while hoping for much, and above all grateful to be a fan of one of the final two teams standing.

        • Will you be able to follow the game while you’re watching the kids?
          I’m sure that changes your reactions, when you have to be a role model!
          (I mean “your” universally!)

          • Yes. My son and I are with the two grand babies and that really helps in the distraction department.