NLCS Game Three, 2017

Dodgers at Cubs, 6:00 PM PT, TV: TBS

The visiting Dodgers send RHP Yu Darvish (10-12, 3.86 ERA) out to keep the Cubs at bay and take a 3-0 lead in the series. The Cubs counter with RHP Kyle Hendricks (7-5, 3.03 ERA). Darvish had a good outing in Game Three of the ALDS against the Diamondbacks, giving up one run on two hits in five innings while striking out seven and not walking anyone. Hendricks had an excellent start against the Nats in Game One of the NLDS when he allowed no runs, but a less-than-stellar one in Game Five when he gave up four runs on nine hits in four innings. He may take some confidence from his two NLCS starts against the Dodgers last year when he gave up only one run on five hits in 12 2/3 innings.

Here are several news items pertaining to the Dodgers and this series: first, from MLB: Memories of last year’s Game Six loss and the subsequent ring ceremonies this year might be a prod for the Dodgers. Second, SI’s Jay Jaffe writes about Yasiel Puig’s discipline and flair. And finally, Rich Hill is known for his curve, but it’s his fastball that’s doing heavy lifting this season.

Today in Dodgers’ history:

  • 1978 The Yankees capture their twenty-second and second consecutive World Championship, beating Los Angeles with a 7-2 victory at Dodger Stadium. Playoff hero Bucky Dent, who collects ten hits in the six-game series, is named the the Fall Classic’s Most Valuable Player.

Other historical note: in 1989 as the Giants and A’s get ready to play Game 3 of the World Series, the Bay Area is hit by the massive 6.9-magnitude Loma Prieta earthquake, which will be responsible for 63 deaths. The Candlestick Park contest is quickly postponed by Commissioner Fay Vincent, and he orders the evacuation of the ballpark.


Puig at cleanup. Pederson, Ethier and Utley starting. Grandal not starting. No siree, no lineup shakeups here.

385 thoughts on “NLCS Game Three, 2017

  1. TV announcers were saying that the Dodgers used multiple signs from the catcher through the entire game last night. I guess it was to make it more difficult for scouts to gain some knowledge about their pitching strategy.

  2. This is amusing. Roberts and his famous stolen base in 2004 aren’t things he talks about, apparently, but…

    “Yu Darvish about two weeks ago I guess was surfing the internet, and there was an `aha’ moment,” Roberts said. “He ran across the stolen base and kind of put 2 and 2 together and didn’t realize that was his manager. So he proceeded to kind of awkwardly approach me about it and talked about my goatee and how I could steal a base. He just couldn’t believe, that was my manager. So that was kind of funny.”

      • I’m a Facebook friend with my high school French and Russian teacher. He was the best schoolteacher I ever had. He’s in his late 80s but still pretty spry, apparently.

        • Not quite as impressive as that – but I have played squash or tennis almost every week for the last 27 years with one of my Math professors.

          • That’s pretty good. My guy is in Virginia and I’m in Hawai’i. We could concertize if we were in the same town, I guess. Me on guitar and him on autoharp, which he would periodically break out and play in class.

  3. The post-season equivalent of going 91-36 and then losing 16 out of 17 before finishing fairly strong? I would guess it would be win say 9 in a row, lose 1 or maybe 2 in a row and then win the last 2 games. I could handle that.

    But if the Dodgers want to win the WS in style of their own choosing, then I would be fine with that too!

  4. How great that not only was Dre able to come back and play, he made the postseason roster and is having a positive impact!

    • It would great, given all the setbacks he’s had, to get a ring in his last season with the Dodgers.

    • Radio said Kike raised his arm, which indicates time out, — ground rule double — then he grabbed.
      They may be going off of that.

    • Here’s an explanation:

      Alex Avila singled to lead off the ninth, the first Cubs hit against the Dodgers bullpen in the series. Pinch-hitter Albert Almora Jr. then lined a double to left that Enrique Hernandez chased into the ivy. Hernandez raised his left arm, a signal that the ball was lodged. Almora was watching Hernandez, not Avila, and both runners ended up at third base after Hernandez pulled the ball out of the vines and threw it back in. However, the umpires had already called a dead ball and Almora returned to second with Avila remaining at third. The ruling was reviewed and confirmed. Almora was credited with a ground-rule double. Kenley Jansen took over and retired the final three batters.

  5. So much for Strip.
    Probably would’ve been better with Kenta.
    Can’t let this get away!

  6. Wow — LA gets an out out of that!
    Or will they?
    Mo is saying if you play the ball, it’s in play.

  7. For me, Ethier’s home run was huge. Answering back so quickly lowered my shoulders by about six inches.

      • Saw an article I believe linked here (by Link!), saying that Kenta’s fastball has improved by about 2mph since going to the ‘pen . . . makes a difference knowing you’re only in there for several outs vs. eating innings.

    • I always like being up by an amount where you could trade a run for an out. We are beyond that point now. 5 runs up with 3 outs to go.

    • U’m with you on that. Even if LA’s losing, I’m going to stay to see the last out.
      However, I was there in ’13 with the blowout vs. the Braves and once it was the 8th inning and became 13-4 (I think), I made my sprint to my car and got to listen to the end on the freeway.

      • I think I have only left early once in all my games. But I didn’t feel well and it was a blow out – don’t even remember which team was ahead. And I felt really guilty.

      • Not to mention, I want to get my money’s worth, as an ex-yankee. (Not Yankee, but yankee.)

    • When I was living in Southern California I had about a 70 minute drive home from Dodger Stadium and enjoyed listening to Vin for the last inning plus the post game show. But I always arrived very early.

  8. Okay, 3rd time’s the charm with the runners on . . . charming with LOTS of runs, please! Soo many that Kenley isn’t needed!

  9. Really something that Joc is replaced in CF by Quique. Big indication how much his defense has fallen in the eyes of Doc. And how much Quique has improved.

    • Wow – I missed seeing that. That is so crazy. Although I do recall the announcers speculating earlier that Joc maybe hurting because he took a long time to get back into the box after a ball just rolled foul along the first base line.

    • It’s probably a combination of Joc’s metrics are down in CF and his position is now LF. Doc had plans to put Culberson at SS for late inning defense and Taylor in CF. It will be interesting to see who plays second base next year. If it is Taylor then there is a fight for CF along with what will exist in LF.

  10. They’ve wasted several opportunities.
    Still have the lead, but could’ve been breathing easier . . .

      • Wow – I honestly never knew that. Then I totally change my opinion.
        Does anyone know the rule number in the rule book on that?

          • I don’t know. That article seems to suggest you don’t have to have control beyond having it in your glove. “There is no requirement that the fielder successfully remove the ball from his glove in order for it be ruled a catch.”

          • As I remember Jack Clark knew the rule and assisted a a co-outfielder by taking the ball out of that players glove. The ball does not have to be successfully taken out of the glove. Any effort to remove the ball is enough regardless of whether the ball is dropped or tossed out of the glove, or merely open the glove intentionally to free the ball.

          • That could be in the eye of the beholder whether it is intentional or not. Or the eye of the ball holder anyways.

  11. FO looking great with the free agent re-signs, Yu, and the Tonys, all coming up big postseason.

  12. Now that was weird. Steiner had Granderson about to pinch hit for Darvish. I got back inside and Yu is hitting for himself with two outs and the bases loaded. Then he walks and Taylor, a professional at hitting, strikes out. Weird.

  13. Eric says that no starting pitcher has recorded an out in the sixth against the Dodgers yet this post-season.

  14. Whew!
    That would’ve been a big turning point if Bryant’s second chance amounted to something.
    Way to go, Yu!

  15. Another bad thing about being on the road . . . the crowd cheering is not good news.
    C’mon, Darvish, don’t let Bryant hurt Yu.

  16. Taylor has been an unexpected treasure this year — at the plate and all over the field.

  17. This is going to be a little tougher for the Blue without a member of EF — Link’s Legions — in attendance.

  18. 3 long balls in a row for the Blue.
    Of course, something similar can be said vs. Yu, but tied game!

  19. Yawn. Being down early because the Cubs hit a HR. How predictably boring. It hasn’t worked for you yet Cubbies.

  20. So tell me again about no such thing as home field advantage? Dodgers, ‘Stros, Yankees and Cubbies might disagree.

    • Give Doc a break. Over the last two weeks of the season Grandy had OPS 1.011 in 24 PA.

  21. Game 2 showed once again how great it was signing the free agency triumvirate of Rich, JT, and Kenley.

    • Really interesting — both the lineup itself and the fact that I was actually missing Forsythe!

      • Utley starting against the tough righty was pretty much a given. Logan has been on base half of his 8 plate appearances so far, contributing to the strategy of plate discipline.