Game 137, 2017

Diamondbacks at Dodgers, 5:10 PM PT, TV: SPNLA, FS-A, MLBN (out-of-market only)

The Dodgers’ LHP Rich Hill (9-6, 3.71 ERA) tries to hold serve against the D-Backs, who send LHP Robbie Ray (11-5, 2.97 ERA) out to extend their ten-game winning streak.

Ray has been better on the road than at home this season. He’s got a 6-1 record in 11 road starts with a 1.49 ERA. He’s 2-0 with a 3.00 ERA in four starts against the Dodgers this year. Hill pitched against the D-Backs last Tuesday and was beaten up. He went 3 2/3 innings and gave up six runs on eight hits and a walk. At home this year he’s 5-3 with a 3.17 ERA.

The Dodgers promoted Charlie Culberson from OKC, reinstated Josh Fields from the 10-day DL and made room on the 40-man roster by moving Brandon McCarthy to the 60-day DL retroactive to July 21. (Side note: I’d love to play poker with rules that let me retroactively change a card I’d previously played!)

Today in Dodgers’ history:

  • 1924 The Brooklyn Robins (Dodgers) take a twin bill from the Braves, sweeping their fourth doubleheader in four consecutive days. Between September 1-3, the Brooks beat the Phillies six times.
  • 1966 The Dodgers become the first team to draw two million fans at home and two million on the road as 18,670 Crosley Field patrons watch Los Angeles beat their home town Reds, 8-6.
  • 1969 After thirty-one games, the third longest consecutive game hitting streak in National League history ends as Dodger Willie Davis is stopped by Dick Kelley and Gary Ross in a 3-0 loss to the Padres.

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163 thoughts on “Game 137, 2017

  1. When I was lined up to board my flight from San Diego Saturday night, a guy saw my shirt (2013 NLCS) and asked if I went to that day’s day game. He was there as well and pointed out that the slump started when AGon returned. Yes, but Belli went out, I said. He said because AGon played 1st, Belli was in the OF.

    Then he started to tell me how AGon has never been a scrapper or leader — he can’t identify with a JT who worked his way up since AGon was a high draft pick.

    Correlation does not = causation . . . but just like you’re told when something goes wrong with the computer, check and see what was added/changed recently to possibly find your problem.
    AGon coming back was one of the things that changed. I’ve always been an AGon fan, but here’s MY QUESTION: Has anyone heard anything negative about Adrian in the clubhouse?

    • Well the Sox media were certainly giving that spin when he was there before the trade. For me, hard to pin a slump on things like that, even if they are true. You ever play on a team with a jerk? Did it effect your performance on the field?

      • Sometimes — but I get your point.
        I’m not pinning this on any one thing, but it was something out of the blue (no pun intended) and wanted to see if there’s even any smoke to him being disruptive.

        • Imagine that something like that would be evident to the beat writers that are there on a daily basis and have seen nothing on this from them.

    • The contrary. He’s been a positive in the Dodgers’ and the Padres’ clubhouses from everything I’ve read and heard. The Red Sox press is a bunch of whiners, just like their fans are, so I wouldn’t put any faith in anything said about A-Gon from it.

    • I think he was spewing nonsense. Personally I think things came unraveled the day of Hill’s no hitter being broken up in the 10th inning. Many questions abounded on lack of hitting and why is he pitching the 10th etc etc, but the bottom line was it was like letting the air out of a balloon.

  2. Can’t believe that I stayed up till almost 5am Italy time to see that debacle! I guess misery does indeed enjoy company. Good luck tonight. Chances are my wife will forbid me to watch.

    • Only thing worse than the frustration of the loss(es) is the feeling of wasted time/sleep/productivity.

      Don’t let them ruin your trip!

  3. Ticket musings:

    Every city that has any kind of professional sports team endorses gambling of a sort — if you buy a ticket, you’re betting at the very least you will see a competitive game.

    If I bought a ticket for tonight’s game at the beginning of last month, expecting to see the team as they were then (great starting pitching, relievers, and clutch hitters) . . . would I have a case vs. the Dodgers for bait and switch?

  4. Saw more bad news for tomorrow (the first being the game is still expected to be played):
    Zack goes for AZ and Goldschmidt is expected back.

  5. This started when they couldn’t plate a single run for Hill in his no-hit bid.
    May it end tonight with this mess.

  6. Hopefully this humiliation is the equivalent of clinching in AZ and jumping in their pool — it fires up the team.

  7. Let’s hope for a new SI cover: “Worst. Collapse. Ever?”
    Maybe that will turn it around.

  8. Doc saying “We got our butts kicked all around. We haven’t had many, if any other games like this this year.”

  9. Just came back to the TV after bedtime routine with my son. It is very quite at Dodger Stadium.

  10. Since July 4th, the Dodgers are 36-16, the Snakes 28-26. A week and a half does not erase two months.

      • That’s the point. Dodgers are in a great position to weather this downpoint because of their performance over the past two months.

  11. Hard to believe that AZ will only be a dozen games out after tonight. Probably. Unless the Dodgers come back.

  12. Either Baez gets this gopher ball out of his system/arsenal or he lets Doc know that he is not pitching well enough for a playoff appearance.

  13. Based on what Doc has said about Joc, it would be surprising if Joc got a start Tuesday when he joins the team. But looking at the stats for last 7 games and last 30 games, Joc wouldn’t have to do much to not be the worst hitter on the team.

  14. In happier news, Giancarlo just hit No. 53. I’d be delighted if he broke B*nds’s “record,” however unlikely that may be.

    • Yeah probably not. But glad to see him going full Stanton this year and not being short tracked by injuries.

    • Yikes — I’m afraid to look. I was on a long phone call and just “following” by reading the comments.
      Think I’ll do that the rest of the game.

      • Not a bad idea. If we don’t score in this inning, I think I will take a mental health timeout.

        • Again, the “Hamlet” quote I’ve been citing often (including on that phone call) — “To thine own self be true.” (Of course everyone dies at the end of “Hamlet,” so . . . ?)

      • Desperate times. Desperate measures. If the Dodgers did this well when I was in China imagine how well they would do if I was in Australia?

        Side note – I’m not really going to Australia. I could go hang at my neighbours because they are from Australia.

    • Dave, we were listing all the things that have changed with this “new normal”/sinking Dodgers — and the possibility of putting things back the way they “should” be (Puig batting 8th).

      One was you were in China during a good stretch of the Good Times . . . how soon can you pack? Maybe we can arrange something from the Elysian Fields Travel Agency. ­čÖé

        • Puig is doing fine himself, but what about the “production” from that position in the lineup? Is there an equivalent WAR for lineup spots?

          • There are production numbers by slot, but optimizing a lineup usually consists of getting more PAs for your better hitters and bunching them to enhance sequencing to produce runs. Puig has benefited from being moved up in the lineup and this has benefited the team.

          • Not in the win column.
            Not saying that’s the cause, but since he’s moved up, they’ve tanked.

  15. While we are waiting for the Dodgers to break it wide open, here is the strikeout percentage for each player who has at least 100 ABs (including the first two innings tonight).
    Forsythe 33.6
    Bellinger 29.5
    Taylor 29.1
    Grandal 27.8
    Hernandez 27.4
    Barnes 26.4
    Pederson 24.7
    Seager 24.0
    Puig 20.6
    Gonzalezx 19.1
    Utley 18.6
    Turner 11.6
    also, Granderson, in 53 ABs as a Dodger, 35.8

  16. Gosh darnit. I like Joe Davis. Talking about getting close to the end of his first full season. Says to Orel: They’re all like this aren’t they?

  17. I don’t like Hernandez batting second, but Roberts didn’t ask my opinion. No comment re Forsythe.

  18. Remember when the bottom of the lineup was imposing just because of Puig?
    Look at today’s bottom 3rd and how do you feel?

  19. No Goldie! Snakes with 6 game lead in WC taking their foot off the gas? Doc with 13.5 game lead has fans pulling out the pitchforks and torches.

    • In defense of myself and perhaps the rest of the mob, it’s not just a matter of this past weekend’s play of everyone from “Who?”sville — they were losing (poorly) playing the A Team. I want them to prove to themselves (and me/us) that they can still do it.

      • Exactly, you thought it was important to regain Big Mo and that Doc’s approach to preparing for the playoffs was not contributing to such.