Game 75, 2017

Rockies at Dodgers, 7:10 PM PT, TV: SPNLA, ROOTRM

The Rockies come to town having lost two of three to the Diamondbacks in Denver. They’ll ask YALHP Kyle Freeland (8-4, 3.42 ERA) to put a lid on the Dodgers’ hot home run bats (15 in a four-game sweep of the Mets, a franchise record). He’ll face the Dodger’s lefty Alex Wood (7-0, 1.90 ERA).

Freeland is 1-0 with a 1.80 ERA in two starts against the Dodgers this season. Wood went six innings in his only start against the Rockies this year and struck out ten to get the win.

In the comments to last night’s game Winnipeg Dave asked about the 1936 HR on the scoreboard in Brooklyn. Fortuitously, Jon W. posted a copy of the 1956 Ebbets Field ground rules at Dodger Insider in 2015. Right there under Home Run, item #3 reads “Ball remaining above or behind scoreboard.” So there you have it.

Horrible news: Urias will undergo surgery to repair his left anterior capsule. The timeline for his return may be as long as 14 months.

This day in Dodgers’ history:

  • 1930 The Dodgers get twelve consecutive hits in a 19-6 win over the Pirates at Forbes Field. Two of the dozen hits in the eight-run sixth inning include a pair of homers hit by Brooklyn outfielder Babe Herman.
  • 1986 The Braves strand 18 runners on base, establishing a National League record. Enough Atlanta players do score to give the team a 6-5 victory over L.A. at Dodger Stadium.

Lineup when available.

104 thoughts on “Game 75, 2017

  1. Dodgers are only one game behind the ‘Stros for the best record in baseball.

  2. From MLB: “Seager said he’s had four previous hamstring injuries, two in each leg, partially tearing his left hamstring and dealing with moderate strains the other three times.”

  3. Not only a win and expanding the lead, but guaranteeing they will finish the weekend in 1st.
    Hitting, with power, making the plays, and great pitching– definitely firing on all cylinders!

  4. The Mets scored 11 runs in the four-game series vs. the Dodgers. They lead the Giants, 11-4, tonight in the 7th inning in San Francisco.

  5. Bud Black certainly giving Kyle Freeland a lot of rope. He’s doing better than his immediate predecessors. The Rockies’ starters in their last two games, losses of 16-5 and 10-3 to the D’Backs, each allowed nine earned runs.

    • Even tho Vegas is home of the Mob Museum, never thought I’d root for a Maeda man.

  6. Roberts doing that thing where has the pitcher batting late. Doesn’t necessarily mean Wood will pitch the 7th.

      • Saw him talking to Roberts in the dugout. All Roberts said to him was “Julio Urias” and walked away. (Not really.)

  7. Considering 25 first inning pitches – great to finish the 6th with 98 total.

  8. To be among the qualifiers for leading the league in certain categories, including batting average, a player must have 3.1 plate appearances for every game his team has played. For a full season that equates to 3.1 times 162 or 502.2 plate appearances, which is rounded to 502. Before tonight the Dodgers had played 74 games (48-26), so a player would have needed 229.2 PAs, rounded to 229. Turner entered the game with 181 ABs, 18 BBs, 9 HBP, 1 Sac and 1 SF for a total of 210 PAs. (I couldn’t find stats on reaching on catcher’s interference). So that is why he doesn’t qualify for leading the league in batting . . . yet. However, MLB Rule 10.22(a) adjusts the stats of any player who falls short, adding the missing plate appearances but no hits to his final totals. If the player’s batting average still leads a league, then he gets the crown.

  9. Gee thats good from Puig, not expecting to play, but still up for it when he comes up to the plate

  10. Gutierrez with the box-score beautiful line drive. Meaning blop base hit.

  11. Hoping Wood can have a few more lower pitch innings. Want him to go a full 6 at least.

    • Hernandez should just put one over the fence so they can all just trot home

  12. Mets taking out their frustrations on the Gnats, lead 5-1 in the second.

    Gnats finished game in Atlanta last night after midnight, got to SFO around 5 a.m. Happy flight!

  13. Wood throws something Gameday is calling a knuckle curve. I wonder what Burt Hooton is doing these days.

    Answering my own question, he’s coaching for the Padres’ Class A team. For heaven’s sake, he left baseball and got a degree in journalism from UT-Austin, then went into coaching.

  14. It’s only an inning and a half but Gutierrez is not doing it tonight. Looked like he could have gotten to that ball sooner.

  15. Joe Posnanski mentioned this a few times and I’ve been tracking it since. The Orioles just tied a MLB record by going 20 straight games of giving up at least 5 runs. They are 6-13 (and currently down 11-4 tonight) in those games. Also, they have given up exactly 5 runs 6 times, and double digit runs 5 times.


  16. The Dodgers were being so cautious with him too. I do not totally understand the physical demands on a person’s body to throw a small sphere 90 plus miles per hour, but as WBBsAs states, maybe his youth is a plus for a full recovery.

  17. Wow – I feel honoured Link to appear in the main part of the post! Thanks for answering my question too – although it still seems like a wonderfully strange ground rule.

    • I mean, above seems tough enough – but behind the scoreboard? You would have to ask the scoreboard operator to hand it to you while he or she was posting up another run!

      • What surprises me is that it was still in place in the 1956 rules. You’d think someone would have recognized the absurdity and changed it.

        • If I am not mistaken, didn’t the old Toronto Stadium have some funky ground rules regarding some speakers hanging above the infield and outfield?

          • I just read the Wikipedia entries for both Exhibition Stadium and Sky Dome/Rogers Centre and can’t find anything about that. Maybe it was Tampa Bay? I remember that problem but I don’t remember where it was.

          • I Googled it and there is a video of a fly ball hitting an aux. scoreboard in Texas during a spring game against the Dodgers, and of course it happened in the old Twins dome stadium.

  18. This is discouraging, not so much for the current season as for the young man himself. I’m no orthopedic surgeon, but I would guess that his youth increases the likelihood of a full recovery.

        • 14 months recovery? Suddenly Urias just got a lot older. If true, it would mean that he wouldn’t have a full load MLB season until 2020 or possibly 2021 – by which time he would be 24 or 25.