Game 22, 2017

In case you missed it, here’s the most amazing play of the year thus far:

Dodgers at Giants, 7:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA, NBC-Bay Area, MLBN (out-of-market only)

Lefty Alex Wood (1-0, 3.29 ERA) faces Johnny Cueto (3-1, 5.25 ERA) in Game Three of the four-game set. It might be Wood’s last start for a while, because of this news:

followed by this remark: “Roberts said Urias is up to stay.”

Lineup when available.

Roberts keeps switching batting orders around for reasons I don’t understand. Bellinger’s leading off? Toles was leading off and now he’s hitting eighth? Utley’s hitting 0-for April and yet he’s at second base?

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  1. Not what I wanted to wake up to this morning. Browsing through the innings the thing that bothered me the most was Grandal calling for a high fastball to Morse after Baez struck out the previous hitter with a great change up.

  2. Now we are seeing why the Giants didn’t keep Romo. Living in Giants country I saw a lot of tonight’s Romo last season. I enjoyed it then.

    • Yeah, seemed like a stretch at the time picking him up. Not much condolence, but Blanton doing as equally poorly with Washington.

  3. Overall, it’s currently a rather uninspiring team outside of Kershaw, Wood, McCarthy, Seager, Turner and Jansen. Real unsettled in the outfield, questionable in middle relief (particularly lately) and lack of clutch hitting. Blowing a 3-0 lead after 6 and wasting a brilliant performance by Wood is galling.

    • Puig’s new approach is promising and Quique actually leads the team in OPS+. Barnes has looked good as well and Forsythe returns at some point. Sample size is small, but look more like a 90 win team, as implied by their Pythagorean, rather than the 74 win team suggested by projecting their current record.

  4. Sure seems like a loooong time since they had a massive two-game winning streak.

  5. Roberts plays very little little ball — the sacrifice or the squeeze or the hit-and-run.

    • Not just Dave — that seems to have been the same for Donnie and Joe as well.

      • Maybe it’s endemic to being manager of the Dodgers. Did Grady Little play much little ball? Or Davey Johnson? Or Jim Tracy? I can’t remember. Walt Alston was a master of it with a lineup that started with Wills and Gilliam. I miss that kind of baseball.

          • And with us it seems that “slumps never slump.” I have vented enough for one evening.

          • Yes! — consistently inconsistent . . . deja vu all over again from last year. (They DID turn it around last year, with an SF collapse . . . this year as well?)

          • I hope so. Losing to the Giants in this fashion is worse than losing this way to any other team.

  6. This is why I stop watching. Easier to take when it’s little blue balls instead of hits.

  7. I’m trying to be optimistic, but with the lack of offensive output, prolonging the game only guarantees tiring the already-tired bullpen.

    • It’s not just lefthanders we aren’t hitting, it seems to be anybody on the mound. I know that we are playing only our 23rd game, but there are many signs that I don’t like. I have little or no confidence that any on the following will get a hit on most at bats: Utley, Barnes, Grandal, Gonzalez, Van Slyke, Toles or Pederson. That is way too many when we carry only 12 or 13 non-pitchers.

      • At the beginning of the year, there was talk of how potent the lineup was, with everyone a threat. Now they have to put an APB out for someone to hit in the clutch.

  8. C’mon, bats! Gotta break out of this funk SOME time (I hope!) — might as well be now!

  9. Dodgers are going to have to break their recent tendency to score in only one inning if they are to pull this one out.

  10. The pants only going down to the knee with orange below is a particularly unfortunate look on Morse.

  11. Just got back to Ann Arbor from ballgame in Detroit – 8-0 shutout for the Mariners, some good plays, glad I did it. Got cheap tickets on StubHub. Big thunderstorm on the drive back.

  12. This inning we should work more on the scoring aspect of the game. That would be fun.

  13. Not a lot of scoring so far this series. Column A is good pitching. Column B is poor hitting. Take your pick.

    • I was lifting lady-weights. Next, heating up homemade veggie soup for dinner. But I’m talking to the tv screen plenty!

      • I use a Vitamix to make veggie soup. Always amazes me that after 5 minutes of blade spinning the soup is piping hot.

  14. Curious what Utley’s batting floor is? It feels like he is in the 3rd parking lot below ground already.

  15. THanks for the video link, Link.
    Know we know what being over the top in baseball is like!