Game 144, 2016

Dodgers at Yankees, 4:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA, YES, MLBN (free game, out-of-market only)

Youth versus experience is the feature here in a battle of lefties. The Dodgers send out just-turned-twenty Julio Urias (5-2, 3.69 ERA) to face the Yankees’ forty-something C.C. Sabathia (8-12, 4.27 ERA). “Sabathia was already pitching in the Major Leagues when Urias was 4 years old.” The Yankee pitcher has made 479 starts in his career but only two of them against the Dodgers, one in 2008 and the other in 2010. Urias made his first big league start in Queens against the Mets in May, so he’s pitched in the big town before.

Lineup when available.

Kendrick at 3B, Puig in LF, Kiké in CF, Segedin in RF. Let’s shake things up!

92 thoughts on “Game 144, 2016

  1. My favorite quotation from Grant’s recap: “This blown save came on a three-run homer from Ryan Schimpf, a 28-year-old rookie who was a minor-league free agent in November. Anybody could have had him. Instead, he has more home runs in the second half than anyone on the Gnats has all year.” The Busted Poseur, by contrast, has not homered since mid-July.

  2. Though they certainly deserve it, those giants can’t be that unlucky forever. I wouldn’t want to face them if they make the playoffs (what is the opposite of “knock on wood”?).

    • Agree, especially in an even-numbered year.
      Feel the same about the Cards — they thrive on postseason.

    • In truth, the Gnats have been extraordinarily lucky to be where they are now. Their reality is far closer to their second-half performance than it is to their first.

  3. I turned off baseball after the Dodger game ended last night but, this morning, I was agreeably surprised to read about the Gnats’ unanticipated thoughtfulness.

  4. Final: Padres 6, Giants 4
    San Diego wins it when Schimpf hits a two-out, two-strike, three-run homer to erase a 4-3 deficit. When inning began Giants led 4-1.

      • Just wishful thinking — which disappeared when i saw it was 4-1 in the 9th. (Still, the Pads are doing SOMEthing right!)
        Then I thought it was an error in the paper that LA is still 4 GA.
        It’s soo much nicer when LA wins and the only question is if they’ll increase the lead.

  5. One difference between last night’s game and tonight’s – NY is much sharper on defence.

  6. How are the Dodgers ever going to win a potential playoff series if they are stacked up against left handed pitching?

  7. I’m guessing Urias won’t get a chance to win this – both because of the score and likely not going a full 5 innings.

      • Last year Jose Quintana threw about two games to first with 189 pickoff attempts. he got one. Klayton threw over 127 times and nabbed 4.

    • I was asking if that final regular-season game would be a 9-inning simulcast . . . that answer is even more important with this sad news.

      • So sad. I really enjoyed the idea of not knowing how many more games Vin had left. That it was dependent on how deep the Dodgers went into the playoffs.

    • From Jon Wiseman:

      the significance of his final day, October 2.

      … He then connected the day he was walking home from school and heard about a World Series game that cemented him as a baseball fan (a Giants fan at the time, to be honest) and changed his life.

      “That little boy saw that World Series linescore — October 2, 1936,” Scully said. “My last game, my wonderful last game after 67 years with the ballclub, will be against the San Francisco Giants. It will be October the 2nd, 2016. Exactly 80 years from when that little kid saw that Giants score.” …