Game 87, 2016

Orioles at Dodgers, 12:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA, MASN

Kevin Gausman (1-6, 3.97 ERA) goes out for the Birds and Bud Norris (4-7, 3.89 ERA) makes his second start for the Dodgers.

Ethier might be back for the first game in August, Roberts says. Kershaw and Anderson are all on a fast track to recovery now.


140 thoughts on “Game 87, 2016

  1. Bochy solved the Gnats bullpen issue: Cueto threw a 118 pitch complete game… We’re back 6. 🙁

  2. We went 1-for-14 with RISP. They went 2-for-11. Their second such hit won the game.

  3. Not too many six-hit games in history. Willie Davis, Paul LoDuca while Dodgers, old friends Skip Schumacher and Nomar with other teams. Most recently done by Jean Segura with the Brewers in 2013.

  4. Utley not hurting his HOF chances by playing this year that’s for sure.

  5. A couple of hours ago Link pointed out how great Liberatore has been this year. Let me add a couple of sentences. He has been scored upon once in 37 appearances this season. He has pitched 18 consecutive scoreless innings covering his last 23 appearances.

  6. Couple of occasions today — tied in a late game, runner on first, no one out — in which I am surprised that Roberts didn’t try to sacrifice.

    • Guessing he wasn’t persuaded to do that based on the players involved.

  7. AGon the only Dodger starter not to K – when it would have made sense to.

  8. O’s broadcast showing a series of selfies of players with Vin. They all made the trek up to the booth to show their respect.

  9. Palmer was saying that he met Vin in the hallway between innings and Vin asked if one could say that a game had been marred by strikeouts. Palmer, being a pitcher, was not sympathetic to that view.

  10. Strike zone a lot bigger for this ump today than it was yesterday for the other guy.

  11. Don’t like the first 3 hitters for the O’s if it goes to the 10th. Scary stuff for Avilan.

  12. This game has been K’sville, accounting for more than half the outs so far.

  13. Twenty-seven of the 51 outs today have been strikeouts: 14 Dodgers, 13 Orioles.

  14. Nice to see Roberts using Jansen in this situation, something he is more likely to do than Mattingly did.

  15. Bottom of the 8th coming up which means we now have twice as many chances to score as they do.

    • SVS, AJ and Puig all trying much too hard. In fairness, Bundy – I thought all of them were in jail in Oregon – was throwing really hard. SVS in particular was really pulling off the ball, and AJ went for one way out of the strike zone. Puig just got overpowered.

  16. Ten-pitch inning for Norris. That helps. Now let’s score a bevy of runs so he can get the win.

  17. League is catching up with Thompson. He is still hitting some homers but not much else.

  18. I’d say we need to get their pitcher out of there, but their bullpen, last night at least, was unhittable.

    • I was trying to find a way to combine the words better and worse. Because it really could have been both.

  19. Seager is amazing of course, but still makes some rookie mistakes in the field.

  20. Dodgers are going to need their hitting shoes on today. The pitching is not going to do it today I fear.

  21. Boom. 2-0 Dodgers. Love that Turner, Puig and Gonzo are all hitting better of late.