Game 101, 2014

Dodgers at Pirates, 4:05PM PT, TV: SPNLA

Hyun-Jin Ryu brings his 10-5, 3.44 ERA record to bear against the Buccos and Edinson Volquez, who threw a complete game his last start and is 8-6 with a 3.65 ERA on the year.

Ryu had better hope the Dodgers’ offense comes to life. They’ve scored 16 runs in their last eight games; it’s asking too much of the pitchers to hold the opposition to only one run. They may have to do without Yasiel Puig in the lineup and without Hanley Ramirez as well. Puig’s hand will be x-rayed today in Pittsburgh to see whether the original x-ray in St. Louis Saturday night correctly showed no structural damage. Ramirez was hit twice in yesterday’s game, but it’s the second one that’s worrisome: that got him on the hand.

Lineup when available.

Ayup. No Ramirez, no Puig. Thank you, St. Louis pitchers!

22 thoughts on “Game 101, 2014

    • The best analysis of the situation I’ve seen. Should be required reading for all Dodger fans, if some of them were really willing to face realities.

      • I focus more on how these guys will help us to win this year. The challenge is for DM to use them (and SVS) in the best way to achieve that.

        • I’m all for any and all of the 3 to at least resemble the players they were at one time–any time now. Any production at that level will help win this year. Collectively they produced well in May, IIRC, but not enough since.

          Ethier in particular seems to be declining sharply and isn’t getting younger. Kemp and CC look some better, Kemp in particular. Let’s hope there’s at least some reversal in his power outage, tho.

          Since the Dodgers are challengers, the price for taking on any of the 3 would be higher now than offseason…more salary swallowed, at least.

          The OF overcrowding isn’t going to solve itself. It may have to wait
          for offseason. But problems not addressed have a way of getting

          Just can’t see 2015 season arriving with all 3 still Dodgers.

          • Agree on Ethier in the longterm, but he is actually the one producing in July. Pennant race is not the best time to try to resolve longer term problems.

          • Dunno about earlier but last 10 he’s 4/28, .143, just 2 RBI, just one game with more than 1 hit. He’s at .190 v LHP, which fortunately he rarely sees. Brightest spot I could see is .338 BA in day games.

            Would love to see him and all the OF tear it up. Just doesn’t appear to be happening for him.

          • Didn’t mean to imply that he was tearing up the league, just that he with an OPS+ of 111 for July was the only one of the three doing anything: Kemp (65) and Crawford (-2). this month.

  1. More rumors about Minnesota trading Catcher Kurt Suzuki. I’d really like for the Dodgers to trade for him. Having him and AJ split the duty sounds like a win/win to me.

    • Since he’s from Maui, if he were traded to the Dodgers it would immediately mean I’d see a lot more game highlights on our local sports news. The anchors love the local boys. I see Red Sox highlights when Victorino is healthy. I’ve seen Twins highlights (we NEVER saw Twins highlights!) now that Suzuki is on that team.

      I don’t see why the Twins would trade him, really.