Blogging news

As long as Jon is creating Dodgers content at Dodger Thoughts, I see no reason to continue duplicating his efforts here. I’m not going to post new Game Threads or anything else unless Jon determines that he can’t keep up with the daily grind.

You have only to look at the lack of comments on Game Threads here to see why I’m not much inclined to keep them up. Everyone has rightfully gone back to Jon’s place, and I will too.

If Jon indicates he has to stop I’ll be here to pick up the slack.

8 thoughts on “Blogging news

  1. Link, you kept me from going into a serious psychological decline, during Jon’s absence. Thank you. No, really. THANK. YOU. And look forward to your posts on Dodger Thoughts!

  2. A BIG thank you from me. Hopefully, this will always be here too. Most of the “family” is still around because of you.

  3. Appreciate all your efforts Link in keeping the ‘band together’ 🙂