Freeway Series, Game One

The first game of the Freeway Series tonight is on Prime Ticket at 7:05 PM from Anaheim. It’s also the free game on The lineups are not yet available. We do know that Hyun-Jin Ryu will pitch for the Dodgers against old friend (well, acquaintance might be better, for as little time as he spent with the team) Joe Blanton.

2 thoughts on “Freeway Series, Game One

  1. Ken Rosenthal says Yankees have or are about to release Juan Rivera. NO, Ned! DON’T do it!

    Since Rivera technically fits the need for a right-handed backup OF and 1B, odds are Ned will think about this fine PVL specimen and old friend.

    Let’s hope Kasten monitors closely and will intervene if Ned gets serious about it.