Hey, MLB, what were you thinking?

What’s wrong with this group of people selected to discuss World Series games for the pre- and post-game shows? “Kevin Burkhardt Hosts Pregame & Postgame Coverage with Alex Rodriguez, Pete Rose, Raúl Ibañez and Frank Thomas.” Great. One guy who was banned for life for gambling on the game (Rose) and one guy who was …

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Daniel Murphy should go back to Ireland, the New York Mets should go back to Queens, and I sincerely hope the Cubs sweep them in four games. That is all.

Trash talking Rapid Transits

The Los Angeles Dodgers play the New York Mets in the first round of the baseball playoffs, so what’s more natural than the cities’ respective transit systems kidding each other? Don’t worry, @MetroLosAngeles – we sweep our subway just like the @Mets will sweep the @Dodgers — MTA (@MTA) September 30, 2015 It went on …

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