Hawai’i virus statistics

Since I went grocery shopping last Thursday I’ve been out of the house once, yesterday to go to my sister’s house where she had some masks for me and for Mom. Safeway is between here and there, so I ran in to see if there were any of the items I want — TP, facial tissues, Tylenol, wipes, bar soap. Nope. However, I did grab a couple of loaves of wheat bread for sandwiches before heading on up the hill to see my sister.

Hawai’i now has 224 cases of COVID-19 and we have had our first death, an older gentleman with multiple health issues, we’re told.

Other factoids:

  • Hawaii’s case count has more than doubled in four days. The first Hawaii case of COVD-19, the disease caused by coronavirus, was reported March 6.
  • …at least 58 people have been “released from isolation.” That means it’s been three days since they’ve exhibited symptoms or seven since they first got sick, whichever is longest.
  • There have been more than 9,000 coronavirus tests conducted statewide.