New Christmas Albums, 2019

Here are 14 new Christmas albums that have been or will be released within the next month.

Some are re-issues, some are from people I’ve never heard of, and at least one is made up of mostly new Christmas music. There are albums by The Oak Ridge Boys, Bing Crosby (with the London Symphony Orchestra), Chicago (that’s the one with eight new Christmas songs), a “Deluxe” Mariah Carey Anniversary Edition with some previously-unreleased live tracks, and Celtic Woman.

I know I’ve not updated this blog very frequently this year, since Facebook has made it easy to post links and snark about them. But I have to keep up my Christmas music tradition, so I’m gonna start on December 1. I’ve been posting Christmas songs here every December since 2008. That makes this the twelfth year.

I need to sit down.