Pruitt’s former Chief of Staff talks

And Congressional Democrats demand answers from Pruitt. They wrote a letter to him.

Read the whole thing. The sense of entitlement Pruitt exhibits is astonishing. This is a guy who is, after all, just another lawyer from Oklahoma.

He apparently decided the taxpayers could and should pay for his travel destinations.

“Find me something to do,” were the instructions Mr. Pruitt gave his staff, after telling them he wanted to travel to particular destinations, the letter says, quoting Mr. Chmielewski, who was expected to sign off on the trips.

It’s likely he runs for Governor of Oklahoma at some point, so he “directed your staff to find reasons for you to travel back to Oklahoma so that you could be in your home state for long weekends at taxpayers’ expense.”

Those are just two of the many many issues the Democrats have with this grifter.