Trump the unwilling

Here’s a link to the book excerpt that caused the White House eruption today. Here’s a quote from early on after the inauguration:

[Murdoch] the media mogul warned Trump that a president has only six months, max, to set his agenda and make an impact. After that, it was just putting out fires and battling the opposition.

This was the message whose urgency Bannon had been trying to impress on an often distracted Trump, who was already trying to limit his hours in the office and keep to his normal golf habits.

Looks like he succeeded in continuing those habits, huh?

President Trump made a confirmed 88 visits to various golf courses in 2017. Some caution, however, as a confirmed visit to a golf club doesn’t necessarily equate to a confirmed game of golf.

Nonetheless, it appears he spent roughly 46 million bucks of taxpayer money traveling to, playing on, and being guarded while playing golf. In just one year.

Gag. This man needs to be removed from office ASAP.