Trump goes to Davos

As I just heard NBC’s Ali Velshi say, “Davos is Globalist Central.” So why is “America Firster” Donald Trump going there? Ostensibly, to be a salesman for his nationalist vision.

“The president’s appearance is there to sell his accomplishments, to remind the world that we’re open for business, that we’re a competitive country,” [Gary] Cohn [Director of Trump’s National Economic Council] said.

Uh-huh. That will probably fall flat in front of world leaders who believe in economic union and cooperation.

No, I think what Trump is going for is to massage his ego. As a real estate developer and then a name-licenser he’d have been small beans among the movers and shakers of the global economy had he ever attended the meetings there. I doubt he’d have gotten much of a hearing at all.

Now, however, he’s The President of The United States. Attention Must Be Paid.

He’s not worth two-bits as a human being.