As far as I can tell, there’s been no harm done, but look at the top left corner of the page above the sidebar. See that word “FORCE?” Click on it. It shows what looks like a blog entry with the phrase “Hacked bY International Force.”

I’ve run a Malware scan and turned up nothing. I’ve searched the blog database for an entry which includes that phrase and found nothing. I’ve Googled and found a few hits, but it’s hard to tell whether those sites have been hit the same way or whether they purport to explain it. Most are in languages other than English and I’m not clicking on them.

I put in a support ticket to my host to see if they have any familiarity with it, so we’ll see if that does any good.

It’s annoying, but if that’s ALL it is I can live with it.


  1. Go check it out in the forums on Bleepingcomputer.com. Those people specialize in weird computer infections. They may have a forum for WordPress infections.

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