Trump Follies, “The Comey Episode”

I’d just sit back and enjoy this nonsense except that it’s happening to the country I love and have lived in for all but five of my 66 years.

White House aides have felt bewildered and alarmed by how Trump arrives at his decisions — often on impulse and emotion and sometimes by rejecting the counsel of those around him — and how he then communicates those decisions to his personnel and the public. Trump is in some ways like a pilot opting to fly a plane through heavy turbulence then blaming the flight attendants when the passengers get jittery.

The result is a hardening portrait of sheer disarray.

“The Comey firing is just the most dramatic example of a White House that is completely dysfunctional, the most chaotic in modern history,” said Chris Whipple, author “The Gatekeepers,” a newly published history of White House chiefs of staff.

Even if I believed in the snake oil Trump is selling, I wouldn’t last a week working for him. He’s got way too much of the “I’m in a mess and you failed me” attitude and none of the “I mucked up and it screwed you guys too” approach which decent people and good managers exhibit. I’d be out the door trailing four- and ten-letter words behind me.