And the grift goes on

Wasn’t that Presidential press conference today fun?

Here’s some news that isn’t. Trump, his wife and his kids are costing the US Treasury a fortune because of their travel and their separate households. To add insult to injury,

For Trump, the costs come with an additional perk: Some of the money flows into his own pocket. While Trump has removed himself from managing his company, he has refused to divest his ownership, meaning that he benefits from corporate successes such as government contracts.

The Defense Department and Secret Service, for instance, have sought to rent space in Trump Tower, where leasing a floor can cost $1.5 million a year — though neither agency has disclosed any details.

The estimates are that his three trips to Florida so far this year (three weekends out of four since his inauguration, mind you) have cost us $10 million. New York City is paying $500,000 per day to guard Trump Tower. Every business trip his kids take includes Secret Service personnel, of course.

Agents are now tasked with guarding multiple homes and protecting Trump’s four adult children, including the globe-trotting sons running the family business and daughter Ivanka, whose family recently moved into a Northwest Washington neighborhood.

Donny boy might increase the deficit several hundred million bucks just by virtue of his lifestyle.