Exercises in futility

Today was full of errands that didn’t turn out well.

First we got a phone call from Mom’s primary care nurse asking where her routine lab tests were for her appointment today. Oops. Okay, we’ll reschedule.

Second, we went down to the clinic to get the lab tests done. Oops. Lab tests required fasting, and Mom had a blueberry cheese strudel and a Clementine for breakfast. Okay, we’ll come back tomorrow.

Third, we took a pair of shorts with a drawstring problem to an alterations place. Oops. The sign on the door of the shop said “We’re closing our doors as of March 31.”

Fourth, we headed for the Ben Franklin store a couple of miles away to look in their notions section to see if Mom could find some ribbon, bias tape, or something to replace the drawstring in that pair of shorts. Oops. The Ben Franklin store that had been in that shopping center for years closed and moved to an unknown location a couple of years ago.

We gave up and came home.