It’s a puzzle

Trying to figure out how to do multiple blogs with one installation of WordPress, I mean. I may try to put one up to provide a home for commenters who’ve been left homeless as the incomparable Jon Weisman shuts down his Dodger Thoughts blog. We’ll see.

To the DT folks:

Update #1: It would be WordPress, just like this one is. Keeping the same commenting system is a snap, so nobody would have to change login data. I have the space. I’ll get in touch with Jon about formats and themes. I think I’d have to name it something similar but not the same, because we’d want to keep DT’s archives intact here. Dodger Visions? Dodger Details? Dodger Disasters?

Update #2: Okay, lots of interesting suggestions in the comments. Keep ’em coming, ladies and gents. I’ve got more info about how to do this with a minimum of hassle, and when I get back from a checkup at the periodontist this morning I’ll make a start on it.


  1. Live in Japan and Hawaii as a child. Spent some time in the Marshalls and some of my family were in the Carolines and Guam as well. Also spend a couple of days on Johnston Island of all places.

  2. Heh. That would be cool, as long as they don’t post photos. My experience with nudists is limited, but it seems to me the people you’d most like to see in that state rarely follow the practice.

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