Murder by gun is political

Apparently there’s some sentiment floating around the Internet from the right-wing that we should just grieve for the victims of the murders in Aurora and not address the politics of gun control, out of “respect” or some such crap.

It is crap. I suspect the dead would encourage us to address the issue of controlling access to handguns, which are not meant to hunt animals for food but rather to kill human beings. I suspect they would encourage us to do background checks before selling guns to strangers at gun shows. I suspect the dead would be pleased if people potentially suffering from mental illnesses couldn’t buy guns. I don’t know how the dead felt about the National Rifle Association and its incessant campaigns to raise money for itself by lying about the intentions of our elected leaders and international organizations, but I know how I feel.

In 2009 there were 31,347 Americans killed by guns in homicides, suicides and unintentional shootings, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. I’d imagine that number hasn’t changed much in the 2+ years since. It’s insane. There were roughly the same number of deaths in auto accidents that year (33,808), but people almost have to have cars. They certainly don’t have to have guns.

We need to control access to guns.


  1. But this guy apparently was normal until very recently. No such screen would have stopped him.

    It is still the case that mass murders like this are very rare — 1 percent of homicides involve five or more victims.

    I’m curious… does it seem weird to you that the rollout for the movie opening is proceeding apace, and that people are still qvelling about having seen the movie on social media? Like nothing happened. The president is flying the flags at half mast, both he and Romney have stopped campaigning for a day or so, but people are still lining up to see this movie. Its website doesn’t even mention it.

    It’s hard for me to get excited about the lack of gun control as the alleged cause of the attack, when there are millions of movie geeks out there who aren’t deterred from seeing the very violent movie that inspired this attack for even one day.

  2. I don’t necessarily think the movie inspired the shooting. I don’t think we know yet. Fortunately he wasn’t killed in a shootout so we may learn what prompted it. Anyway, screening might not have caught this guy, but I think it would catch others. Additionally, if we could just get the gun show sellers to conform to the law and do background checks that might eliminate some impulse shooter from buying a gun, going home and blowing his wife and kids away.

    If I were the multiplex owners I’d feel very mixed about showing it — yes, I respect the dead, but if I don’t show the film 2/3 of my screens are dark on a summer weekend and blah blah blah. Tough call.

    It’s already out of the producers’ and distributors’ hands; I suppose they could try moral suasion to get the theater owners to shut it down, but see above.

  3. Do some research on the states with the most gun control and the states with the least gun control. Population has to be the same in the model.

    I am not by any means a NRA freak. But I am one who looks at stats that are fair and unbiased. Find the cities with the most crimes with guns and track the laws in that state. I bet there is no difference from the states with high crime rates with strict gun control that that with those that have the leniant gun control.

    BTW I work with ATF and have inside info based on stats that have been gathered over the last 20 years. Obviously I cannot post that here, but I am glad to share them with you. These are a group of 10 that run the Feds office and there are a few that are here in Arizona on a case.

    I have never been a gun person . Until 1990 I had no use for guns. I purchased a gun in 91 for personal protection. I had to do a course to understand the safety and how to shoot. I had to learn what to use in the home as not to harm others in case of a missed aim.

    My gun was stolen in 09 and I feel a bit venerable now with home invasions on the upswing. I did not replace the gun as of yet, but as the home invasion raise – I will be thinking of it. BTW , Laurie does not believe hand guns have a place in public hands, either.

    I will protect my home from intruders as we move up in age. There are 4 cases out in the last 2 years of couples that were 60+ who were bludgeoned to death my intruders. With a gun I may protect my wife – or at least I may have a chance.

    I believe there should be gun control in that there should be huge checks- just like a driving test. There should be tests to take to be able to have a gun. I have many friends who are gun freaks and they disagree. I cannot understand why ? It is just a test . I have been told ” how is that going to stop anyone.” I do not care. If you want a gun you get tested and you wait for a complete check and it cost you a hefty price to do that. I do not think the Government should pick up that tab. If you want a gun PAY and test.

    ok done….


  4. To those who posted previously and those who post after this post.
    Movies do not create violence.
    It is common knowledge ( in the psychological halls) that one has to have a predisposition to violence for a trigger to start this type of action.

    Unless you are predisposed to kill – a movie is not gong to make you cross that line

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