I can’t hear you

Having an audiogram is good training for Jeopardy. For part of the test you hold a clicker with a thumb button and press it when you hear three repeated beeps at various pitches. There’s more to it (a recorded voice tells you to repeat specified words recited at regular and low decibels), but that’s the one which measures your hearing at various decibel levels and at various frequencies (in hertz). Mine shows that I have mild-to-moderate hearing loss in both ears at higher pitches, but not enough to merit a hearing aid. What I found interesting is that despite the tinnitus I’m currently experiencing in my right ear, the left ear is the one which appears to be worse.

Now the exam results go back to the ENT doctor, and we’ll see what happens from there.

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  1. I feel like such a spaz when I get this hearing test…I am so focused on the listening that I can’t get my thumb to press the button when I hear the tone that I have actually failed the test a time or two or ten.

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