Game 14, 2024

Dodgers at Twins, 4:40 PM PDT, TV: Bally Sports North, SPNLA

RHP Tyler Glasnow (2-0, 3.18 ERA) pitches for the Dodgers while RHP Louie Varland (0-1, 6.75 ERA) goes for the Twins.

Today in Dodgers’ history:

  • 1913 The Phillies spoil the debut of Ebbets Field, beating the Dodgers, 1-0, in front of a small crowd of approximately 10,000 fans, who brave the frigid weather to witness the pitching duel. Given special permission, Brooklyn opens the season a day early to properly inaugurate its new $75,000 Brooklyn ballpark, which took a year to build.
  • 1947 Dodger skipper Leo Durocher, feuding with the Yankees, is suspended for one year by commissioner Happy Chandler for an assortment of actions deemed detrimental to baseball, including association with known gamblers. The Brooklyn and New York clubs are both fined $2,000 and by order of the commissioner are not allowed to discuss the matter.
  • 1966 After sharing space at Wrigley Field in 1961 and Dodger Stadium from 1962-65 during their first five seasons in Los Angeles, the Angels move to nearby Anaheim into their own stadium. The ‘Halos’, now known as the California Angels, host the San Francisco Giants in a pre-season exhibition game in the first contest ever played at Anaheim Stadium.
  • 1981 On Opening Day, Fernando Valenzuela, making his first major league start in place of scheduled starter Jerry Reuss, blanks Houston on five hits at Dodger Stadium, 2-0. During the strike-shortened season, the 20 year-old rookie from Mexico will lead the league in game starts (25), complete games (11), and shutouts (8).

Lineups when available.

115 thoughts on “Game 14, 2024

  1. That got a bit hairy, but a 10-4 start is excellent. And Brogdon lowered his ERA for the 2024 season to … 24. How fitting.

  2. I am really hoping the bottom of the order can produce tonight. Outman, Taylor, and Lux.

  3. This team strikes out too much. 14 SO in 35 AB. 40%. What has this game come to?

  4. In two innings with the Phillies this year, his ERA was 27.00. After facing two batters as a Dodger, his ERA was infinite.

  5. Brogdon is maybe not the answer to whatever questions the Dodgers are asking about their bullpen.

  6. Brogdon coming in to pitch in the bottom of the ninth. Last time he pitched (when he was with Philly) he gave up a grand slam. So having a 5 run lead is perfect.

  7. Glasnow could probably go 8. I would pull him now with a 6 run lead and let the bullpen close it out. Save him for later.

  8. Marlins trying to stop the Yankees from getting win #10. Trailing 3-2 but only have the top of the 9th with which to play.

    • I used to struggle keeping Brock Stewart and Ross Stripling straight in my mind.

  9. 14k’s!

    Honestly, the only thing keeping a bunch of pitchers breaking the 9 inning 20k record is pitch count.

  10. Outman! Smith! Glasnow! What a game… I am packing for a fancy New Orleans wedding weekend, but this game is making it more fun than usual. (I hate packing. Haaaaate it.)

  11. A month or two ago, our family had tentative plans to drive down and be at these games. But my son then got an invited to play in an ultimate tournament in Montreal happening later this week and so we decided not to go.

    We are missing a great game tonight but maybe being there would have changed the current course of events!

    • I passed up an opportunity to see the Dodgers at Candlestick the night that Jerry Reuss no-hit the Gnats.

      • I was lucky enough to see Valenzuela’s no hitter on my first visit to Dodger Stadium. June 29, 1990.

        • Oh wow. That’s amazing Ohio. I don’t think I heard you mention that before. (If you have, I had forgotten.)

        • On my first visit to Dodger Stadium, in 1966, I saw Koufax blank Houston (the year before they were the Colt 45s, but they weren’t yet the Trashtros).

  12. Tyler is kinda embarrassing the Twin hitters tonight. Or maybe they are just embarrassing themselves.

    • You missed last night’s quiz on the real Twin Cities, which aren’t too too far from you.

      • OhioDodger mentioned your quiz earlier in tonight’s thread. So I went back and looked – and figured it out right away.

        • Have you been to Moorhead? When I tell Argentine movie fans I was born in Fargo, they’re blown away.

          • I’ve been on both sides of the Red in Winnipeg (still Winnipeg), Grand Forks, and Fargo-Moorhead.

          • A friend from Seattle was a law student at UND, and I visited him there once.

        • Took me a while with a lot of hints and Google. It was fun. Like a scavenger hunt.

  13. As if KT3 needs help striking out. Horrible. First and third called strikes out of the zone. Good grief. When will MLB wake up and fix this. They have the means. Use it!!

  14. Looking like the Dodgers – despite having a 2 game head start on everybody except the Padres – won’t get to 10 wins first in MLB.

    The Yankees are leading and further along in their game vs the Marlins (plus playing in NY so maybe no bottom of the 9th).

  15. This is random but anyone else listening to Gameday Audio?

    After each half inning when they go to commercial all they play is the sound of a crowd cheering for 15 seconds and then it starts over for another 15 seconds and so on for the 2 minute break.

    It is different but over time will be come annoying.

    Gosh I’m really getting all my whining out tonight. Lol

  16. The “Twin Cities” on their uniforms should rightfully say “Fargo-Moorhead.”

  17. These games that start at supper time are often the hardest for me to follow. I much prefer the ones that start at 9pm.

    Ok – now that I have gotten my whining out of the way…

    Let’s go Mookie – get us going here.