Hot Stove League #2, 2022-2023

The Dodgers have not re-signed Justin Turner. They have lost Craig Kimbrel, Tyler Anderson, Cody Bellinger, Chris Martin, Tommy Kahnle, Andrew Heaney, and Trea Turner to free agency or non-renewal of club option. David Price is a free agent and the Dodgers have expressed no interest in re-signing him. They have not signed Aaron Judge or Xander Bogaerts or Dansby Swanson (although he’s still available) or Justin Verlander or Jacob DeGrom. They’ve signed Shelby Miller and Jason Heyward; amusingly, the Braves traded Heyward to the Cardinals for Miller in 2014.

All in all, so far the Dodgers have made no external moves to meet any of their needs at shortstop, center field, or starting pitching, although Clayton Kershaw is coming back. There’s plenty of time to do so; spring training won’t start until February 14.

The fans are restless.

29 thoughts on “Hot Stove League #2, 2022-2023

  1. Bauer suspension reduced. Eligible to pitch immediately.


    Pretty darn good starting rotation.

  2. So long Justin Turner. Signing with Red Sox for 1 year/$14M with $8M player option for 2024. Good luck JT. It was a good run. You will be missed.

  3. Dodgers sign JD Martinez for 1year/$10M. Probably spells the end of Justin Turner in Dodger Blue.

  4. The Dodgers have signed Thor to a one-year contract. Syndergaard

    had a 3.94 ERA and 4.43 xERA in 25 games, including 24 starts for the Angels and Phillies in 2022 after pitching only two innings for the Mets over the previous two seasons. Syndergaard in 2022 had by far the lowest strikeout rate of his career (16.8 percent), well below his 26.4-percent mark prior to that.

  5. We need a decision on the Bauer case. AF’s hands are somewhat tied until he knows the Bauer status.

    • Even with your bottomless pocketbook providing the bulk of his contract, I don’t think the rest of us here could make up the difference.

  6. Until the situation with Bauer’s contract is settled, this is what fans have to expect. There are certainly some exciting rookies, but the Padres have constructed a super team,

    • They may know what will happen with Bauer within a week. I wonder if they have told all free agents that they are interested in to wait a bit if interested in signing with the Dodgers.

      • Good point, though the only talent still out there for me is Correa, and that ain’t happening. Rodon could be useful, but will want too many years, though he might settle for two years with a big paycheck. Swanson will also want more years than I would want to give him.