NLCS Game Two, 2021

Dodgers at Braves, 4:38 PM PDT, TV: TBS

The Dodgers give the ball to RHP Max Scherzer (postseason 0-1, 1 SV, 1.46 ERA). He’ll face the Braves’ RHP Ian Anderson (postseason 1-0, 0.00 ERA).

Today in baseball history Steve Blass threw a four-hitter and the Pirates beat the Orioles in Game Seven to win the 1971 World Series, in Game Seven of the 1979 World Series Willie Stargell went 3-4 and the Pirates overcame a three games to one deficit and beat the Orioles (again!), and the Loma Prieta earthquake rattled the Bay Area just minutes before Game Three of the 1989 World Series was to begin.

Lineups when available.



506 thoughts on “NLCS Game Two, 2021

  1. Couple of Riverboat Gamblers on that play. Dave Roberts’ gamble pays off, the Braves Centerfielder’s gamble fails.

    • Jack: That’s great. Brahms is one of my favorite composers. Is that you at the keyboard? Very well done…

        • Music calms the savage(ly) disappointed fan…Broken ribs. Ouch. I broke three in five places about 25 years ago while falling through a climbing device with my daughter at a Monterey playground.

          • I got blindsided by an out of control skier going 50 mph +. He broke ribs 3-8 all in 2 places, and collapsed my left lung. All better now though.

          • That’s a brutal crash. Good to hear you full recovered. You have answered my posted question.

          • Makes for a good story. I didn’t realize it on the hill, just felt beat up. Actually skied down with the ski patrol after he cleaned up my face, and then rode a chair up to the ridge, and then skied to the bottom. Then because I was feeling so bad, drove to the hospital to get checked out cause I wasn’t breathing well. Didnt realize it was that bad.

          • I broke mine while playing first base in a coed slow pitch game. A woman who hit a grounder gave me a straight-on shot with her elbows at full speed as she tried to protect her head from an errant throw.

  2. We seem pretty gassed all around. Gnats games took it out of us. And having no Kershaw and no Muncy is really hurting us right now.

  3. Good throw to second and there are 2 outs. But if Seager doesn’t make the play – yikes…

  4. about to go to a class zoom meeting in 5 mins, so im going to miss all the drama. That may be a good thing

  5. About to take an evening stroll with my husband and my trusty little radio. See you at the other end, hopefully complete with a you-know-what!

  6. you can tell how nervous we all are when the chat moves away from baseball to opera and rabbits

  7. You know – even though I missed watching last night’s game – I don’t really need a replay of it tonight.

  8. Man at third, with one out. Dodgers have been inept at converting this year when this happens.

  9. Tied with 4 innings to go. I predict alcohol consumption is increasing across the southland.

    • Certainly playing loose. Probably figure they are playing with house money anyways.

  10. For someone who led MLB in batting, Trea sure seems to swings at a lot of bad pitches, like that one right there.

  11. I love Joc, but that hurts big time. What postseasons he, Kiké and Verdugo are having.

  12. The announcers just said taking extra bases is the humble approach to the game (along with hitting behind runners etc).

  13. Well hopefully Trea keeps stinging the ball like he did. That will lead to extra base hits soon enough.

  14. everytime I hear Charlie say Ian Anderson i think of endless meandering flute solos.

  15. Ok friends. I’m locked and loaded to go tonight. Missed you all last night as I was out of town for the evening.

  16. “He couldn’t turn his head to the right,” Roberts said. “Justin will do anything we ask, but I just don’t think it’s right to put him in that spot, and for us as a club, I think we have other options also.”