Game 81. 2021

Dodgers at Nationals, 4:05 PM, TV:MASN, SPNLA

It’s apparently a bullpen game for the Dodgers, and LHP Victor Gonzales (3-0, 2.10 ERA) will be the opener. He’ll face the Nationals’ LHP Patrick Corbin (5-6, 5.33 ERA).

Today in Dodgers’ history:

  • 1968 Bob Gibson’s scoreless inning streak ends abruptly at 47 with a questionable call when the official scorer rules a wild pitch, and not a passed ball, allowed Len Gabrielson to score in the first inning of the Cardinals’ 5-1 victory over the Dodgers at Chavez Ravine. Without the hometown decision, the Redbird right-hander, who will blank San Francisco in his next start, would have been within three innings of breaking the mark of 58 scoreless frames established in June by Don Drysdale, tonight’s losing pitcher.
  • 2011 Dee Gordon, in the seventh inning of a 5-0 inter-league victory over the Angels in Anaheim, steals second and third base, and then completes the stolen base cycle by swiping home. The Dodger shortstop becomes the 40th major leaguer to accomplish the trifecta in the same frame.


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  1. In 1993 I led a group of seven Asian journalists on a five-week tour of the United States. It was tremendous, Of course, I scheduled us to see a game in Detroit at the old Tiger Stadium. The weather was threatening, and the public announcer told the fans in the open seating in centerfield to find cover because of the possibility of a lightning storm. Sure enough, the skies opened. The Asian journalists and I departed, but when we arrived back at our formerly dirt parking lot, which was now quite muddy, we realized that the Pakistani journalist was not among us. He had become fascinated by the baseball helmets and had stayed behind to buy several of them. Eventually, we found him after we posted one of our group at every corner. An international incident was avoided.

  2. At what point in a rained out game is it official? Pads behind Reds 2-0 top of the 5th rain delay. Do they need to complete five? Never mind – game back on.

        • If the game is stopped before it is considered an “official,” it is resumed at that point. All records to that point count. Before 2020, in a game that was stopped before it was official, all records were erased, and the game was restarted at the top of the first.

  3. Arizona went 5-24 in May and 3-24 in June. The Diamondbacks are now 1-0 in July.

    • They really are pathetic. Don’t know what they’ve got in the pipeline, but, it could be awhile before they are good again. If I were their owners, I would be looking to raid the Rays or Athletics front offices for new management.

  4. Reds walk off against the Pads, thanks to a Melançon meltdown. Gnats losing 5-3 after 7-1/2.

  5. Old friend Kyle Farmer just hit a solo homer with one out in the bottom of the 9th, and the Reds have tied the Padres, 4-4.

  6. They should consider having a starter to pitch the first inning for Urias.

  7. My prediction that the game would be rain-shortened was correct. Thankfully, however, my prediction on who would win was wrong.

  8. WBB: How can the A’s remain in Oakland if they are drawing only about 5,000 fans a game, which was the case for their three-game series vs. Texas?

    • They need new ownership, and they need to abandon an absurd project at the port.

  9. Reds lead the Padres, 3-1, after 5 1/2. Giants, batting in the top of the 2nd, lead the Diamondbacks, 1-0.

  10. So got my group to rush out after the third out, while most people just sat there. About half a block from the Metro sheets of rain began barreling down the street. People scattered toward the Metro entrance like a sci fi film with Godzilla towering above.

  11. Not only did deGrom’s ERA soar to 0.95, he had just 14 K’s in seven innings.

  12. Jacob deGrom gave up three runs to the Barves in the first, and his ERA has soared to 0.99.

  13. It would be great to be ahead this inning. Then let the rains come!

    • Sure is taking his good old time finding it. I hope he doesn’t go to the All-Star game. Mainly because he doesn’t deserve to. But, also, I think he could use the down time and rest.

  14. Kid in the stands demanded a ball from Joe Kelly. Says he shares the name. I checked his ID and verified to Joseph.

  15. Kid in the stands demanded a ball from Joe Kelly. Says he shares the name. I checked his ID and verified to Joseph.

  16. Really need Gonsolin to give us at least 4 innings tonight. 5 would be a huge bonus.

  17. Mookie looks at three straight strikes? Thus far, with some exceptions, he is not the Mookie of the past, and we complete the first half of the season tonight — if we get the game in.

  18. Considering the shocking news about Bauer’s actions, the weather, and the fact that it is a bullpen contest, I do not have a good feeling about this game at all. My prediction, sorry to say, is that we will lose a rain-shortened contest. I hope that I am wrong.

        • I’m guessing they were wondering how long the window would be to get the game in, and now the weather’s looking a bit better. Of course, it depends on his effectiveness too.

      • Some fond memories sitting out there, like tonight’s interaction with Joe Kelly. Watching Braxton chugging Red Bulls, seeing Kuo go through his elaborate stretching exercises, and watching Klayton warming up to relieve Kenley in game five DS in 2017.

    • I have to admit I’m shocked. Wasn’t Julio “benched” for much less? Or was that post-MLB weigh-in? What am I missing here?

      • MLB action which put him on 7 day administrative leave while they investigated.

          • Julio was later suspended for 20 games and was credited with time served during the investigation. In Bauer’s case he has not been charged or arrested like Julio.