Game 70, 2021

Dodgers at Diamondbacks, 7:10 PM PDT, TV: Bally Sports Arizona, SPNLA

RHP Walker Buehler (6-0, 2.38 ERA) takes the hill for the Dodgers. He’ll face the Diamondbacks’ RHP Matt Peacock (2-4, 5.26 ERA). Buehler hasn’t lost a regular season game since 2019; he’s up to 22 straight games. Peacock has had a horrible June in which he’s given up nine runs in 11 1/3 innings in three starts.

Today in Dodgers’ history:

  • 1952 Carl Erskine throws a no-hitter against the Cubs in the Dodgers’ 5-0 victory at Ebbets Field. A third inning walk to the opposing pitcher, which accounts for the only runner to reach base, may have been a result of skipper Chuck Dressen telling the 25 year-old right-hander to speed up his pitches due to an impending storm.
  • 1963 At Yankee Stadium, the Mayor’s Trophy Game is revived, with the cellar-dwelling Mets beating the mighty Yanks, 6-2. Prior to leaving for the West Coast, the Dodgers would play the Bronx Bombers in the annual midsummer exhibition contest to raise money for sandlot baseball teams.
  • 1972 At Three Rivers Stadium, Roberto Clemente hits a two-run homer in the bottom of the eighth inning to become the Pirates’ all-time RBI leader. The Pittsburgh right fielder’s three ribbies in the 13-3 drubbing of the Dodgers give the future Hall of Famer a total of 1,274 runs batted in for the Bucs.
  • 1973 In different games, the Reds’ Pete Rose and Dodger Willie Davis both collect their 2,000th career hit. The Cincinnati infielder, known as ‘Charlie Hustle’, reaches the milestone with a single against San Francisco in the Reds’ 4-0 victory at Candlestick Park, and the L.A. outfielder, known as ‘3-Dog’, reaches the plateau in front of the home crowd with a two-run home run in the team’s 3-0 victory over Atlanta.
  • 1990 Gary Carter breaks a National League mark when he catches his 1,862nd career game in the Giants’ 4-3 loss to San Diego. The ‘Kid’ surpasses Al Lopez, who had established the record for backstops in 1946 after playing 18 seasons in the Senior Circuit with the Dodgers, Braves, and Pirates.

Also of note: In 2003 during a College World Series contest against Stanford, a pitch strikes Cal State Fullerton shortstop Justin Turner on the left side of his face as he attempts to bunt. Adding insult to injury, the future Mets and Dodgers infielder also suffers a broken ankle on the play when he unsuccessfully tries to avoid getting hit by the 87-mph fastball thrown by Matt Manship.

Lineup when available.

146 thoughts on “Game 70, 2021

  1. Tatís’s .208-hitting replacement goes deep to put the Pads ahead of the Reds. An ex-Gnat surrenders the dinger.

  2. Phillies just opened a can of whoop-ass on the Gnats in the 7th. Leading 12-6.

    • And it’s over: Phillies 13, Giants 6. Reds are leading the Padres 2-0 in the 2nd.

  3. Self-aggrandizement non-baseball-related moment to share here. My Italian movie Security (co-written with director Peter Chelsom) just landed on Netflix and is doing pretty well.

    If you happen to watch it, do subtitles not dubbing so you can appreciate the wonderful actors.

  4. I’m pretty sure they said the DBacks just broke their franchise record for most games behind…

        • They had some pretty bad teams near their creation. Their winning percentage this season is getting close to the Mets’ in 1962. That was .250 (40-120).

          • Can’t find anything- maybe it was another reference to the MLB record of 23 losses on the road.

  5. Dodgers now 1.5 behind the Gnats, but just one in the loss column. They are 3.5 ahead of the Pads, who are five back in the loss column.

    • Although it is only the difference of one game, 1 1/2 back seems so much better than 2 1/2 back.

  6. More on Reuss: In 1980, he finished second in the Cy Young voting. Steve Carlton got 23 first-place votes, Reuss got the other one. I met Reuss about a dozen years ago at a senior baseball weekend of games in Las Vegas. He said that he had never heard the major leagues referred to as “The Show.”

  7. More on Reuss: In 1980, he finished second in the Cy Young voting. Steve Carlton got 23 first-place votes, Reuss got the other one. I met Reuss about a dozen years ago at a senior baseball weekend of games in Las Vegas. He said that he had never heard the major leagues referred to as “The Show.”

  8. And in Anaheim Angels’ baseball news, Ohtani hit his 22nd homer of the season tonight.

  9. So, Buehler fails to match the no-hitter that Erskine pitched on June 19, 1952. It was his first of two. Reuss’s no-no was on June 27, 1980.

          • No, his was also full nine, August 17, 1972, 2-0 vs. the Giants at Dodger Stadium. I don’t recall the Dodgers ever having a short no-hitter, and I don’t think they would be counted as one anymore.

          • Nope doesn’t count. I think this is the one I was thinking of (may have watched it on tv):
            Sept. 24, 1988: Pascual Perez (MON) at PHI, 5 IP

      • No, he went all nine. The only Giants baserunner was due to an error by Bill Russell in the first inning. The Dodgers won the game, 8-0, at Candlestick, beating Vida Blue.

    • I had a chance to go to Reuss’s no-no, but passed it up. A Mets fan friend said that no-hitters are so delicate that my going might have spoiled it.

  10. I hesitate to say this, because I want us to sweep the Dbacks, but like I said yesterday I am feeling sorry for Arizona’s fans and players. What a miserable year for them.

  11. How long do you let Buehler keep pitching in this one? He is on pace for like 130 pitches if he were to go the full 9. Is 120 ok? 125?

  12. Arriving late to the party tonight.

    Buehler looking sharp thus far.

    Additionally – I can confirm that Security is also to be found on Netflix Canada, which does have a different lineup of content than Netflix in the States.

  13. Tonight is the anniversary of Reuss’s 1980 no-no at Candlestick. I passed up a chance to go.

  14. Three-fourths of the cycle in the first inning. I kind of think we will get a single somewhere along the way.

    • Full credit to the Gnatpen! (though old friend Alex Wood did his share as well).

      • Wood is starting to fade. His ERA was 1.50 at the end of April, 2.44 at the end of May, and is now 4.09.

        • I expected he’d be injured by now. Not wishing it, just on the basis of his history.

          • I think that he was injured at the start of the season as he didn’t make his first appearance until April 18.

          • I always liked him, but I’m not sorry he left. I’d be happy to see him win 20 games (presuming the Gnats lost 100).

      • No, in English and then we had it translated and made idiomatic, closely watched by my writing partner And the director, who is almost fully fluent.

  15. 5 years ago today the Dodgers traded pitching prospect Zach Lee to the Seattle Mariners for Chris Taylor. One of the best trades the Dodgers have ever made. Now, let’s hope we can keep him after this year.

    • Lee was a first round draft pick of the Dodgers in 2010. They traded him for Taylor in the middle of the 2016 season. Lee, who is 29, is now pitching for Arizona’s Triple-A club in Reno. He has an ERA of 5.22 in seven games, all starts. His MLB career consists of one game with the Dodgers in 2015 and three with the Padres in 2017.

      • Yep. Got like $5.25M signing bonus. Could have played college football at LSU.

        • I wonder what he did with that bonus money. I hope he invested it wisely or saved it.