Game Two, 2019 World Series

Nationals at Astros, 5:07 PM PDT, TV: Fox

The Nats have stolen one game in the Astros’ park and snapped Gerrit Cole’s 19-game winning streak in the process. Tonight they’ll send out Stephen Strasburg to face Houston’s number 1A ace Justin Verlander and try to steal another.

Conventional wisdom be damned, says MLB’s Will Leitch. Tonight’s game is not a “must-win” for the Astros.

Nationals lineup:

Astros lineup:

32 thoughts on “Game Two, 2019 World Series

  1. 10-2. Astros are not completely finished in this series but they are pretty cooked tonight.

  2. Of course, at this point with the Nationals taking care of the Astros so easily, I can’t help but wish that the Dodgers has done this 2 years ago. Or this year.

  3. First baseball I have watched since the 10th inning of Game 5 the NLDS.

    Wasn’t 100% sure who I would be (tepidly) rooting for but took me about half an inning to realize the answer.

    I just can’t cheer for Houston.