Game 148, 2019

Dodgers at Orioles, 4:15 PM PDT, TV: MASN, SPNLA

The Dodgers send LHP Rich Hill (4-1, 2.55 ERA) to the mound for the first of four expected starts before the playoffs begin. He hasn’t pitched in the big leagues since June 19 when he strained a flexor tendon, and he’s not expected to go more than a couple of innings. His opponent will be RHP Dylan Bundy (6-13, 5.06 ERA), who’s had an odd schedule: before 18 of his 27 starts he’s had an extra day of rest and has had one before today’s start, which has seemed to be beneficial. When he’s had that extra day he’s cut his ERA a full run from what it had been entering the game.

The Dodgers held a lead in yesterday’s game, believe it or not:

Today in Dodgers’ history:

  • 1930 The last major league bounced home run is hit by Dodger catcher Al Lopez at Ebbets Field as the NL joins the American League, which had enacted the rule change in 1929. The player who hits the ball over the wall on a bounce will now be awarded a ground-rule double.
  • 1932 In the bottom of the ninth, Johnny Frederick hits his major league record-setting sixth pinch-homer of the season, giving the Dodgers a 4-3 victory over the Cubs. The Brooklyn outfielder’s major league mark will not be broken for 68 years until another Dodger, Dave Hansen, strokes seven round-trippers coming off the bench in 2000.
  • 1953 The Dodgers clinch a pennant at the earliest date ever in baseball history with a 5-2 victory over the Braves at County Stadium. Carl Erskine gets the win when Brooklyn, who clinches consecutive titles for the first time in franchise history, goes up 13 games up on Milwaukee with 12 left to play.
  • 1962 One game behind the front running Dodgers, the Giants lose Willie Mays, their All-Star center fielder, when he is hospitalized for nervous exhaustion. The ‘City by the Bay’ will drop six games in a row, but will recover along with ‘Say Hey Kid’ in time to beat Los Angeles in a playoff to win the National league pennant.
  • 1963

    “I look up into the stands, and it looks like Ebbets Field. The Mets are wonderful, but you can’t take the Dodger out of Brooklyn” – DUKE SNIDER, – addressing the Mets fans on his special night at the Polo Grounds.

    In a pregame ceremony with his former Dodgers teammates, Jackie Robinson, Roy Campanella, Don Newcombe, and Ralph Branca in attendance, Duke Snider is honored by the Mets with a special ‘night’ at the Polo Grounds, which coincidentally marks the last time the Giants, now located in San Francisco, will ever play in their once long-time home in Harlem. The ‘Silver Fox’, obtained by the last-place expansion team in April, has recently requested to be traded to a contender.

  • 1995 During a WGN pre-game radio broadcast at Wrigley Field, Cubs announcer Harry Caray remarks to the team’s skipper Jim Riggleman, “Well, my eyes are slanty enough, how ’bout yours?”, referring to Hideo Nomo, the Japanese rookie hurler scheduled to start for the Dodgers. The veteran announcer, known for not backing off for his on-the-air off-handed comments, does issue an apology, calling the incident “unfortunate.”
  • 2000 On the same date the mark was established 68 years ago, Dave Hansen breaks Johnny Frederick’s 1932 record for pinch-hit home runs in a single season with his seventh round-tripper coming off the bench. The Dodger pinch-hitter’s historic homer, a seventh-inning three-run blast off Diamondback right-hander Curt Schilling, isn’t enough to prevent the team’s 5-4 loss to Arizona at Bank One Ballpark.


133 thoughts on “Game 148, 2019

  1. Friday Fishfry – Mostly positive new yesterday. The worst of it was that Yanquis swept Tigres and are now two games ahead of Dodgers for best in baseball, but Minute Maids lost again and are now tied with LA. NYY have 105.6 projected wins, Houston 104.4, LA 103.3.

    In the NL, however, Dodgers are now four games ahead of losing Barves (projected at 98.6, which sounds sorta normal). Magic number is Ron Cey (see below), but Dodgers must face Thor and deGrom the next two days.

  2. Fillies now lead Barves 6-4 after six. Yanquis beat Tigres twice, but Atléticos are leading Minute Maids 3-1 in the fourth.

  3. Fillies have extended their lead over to Barves to 5-2 in the third. Julio Teheran has his gopher ball working.

  4. Sadly, the MLBTV feed is Fox, with A.J. Pierzynski. I’ll have to listen to the radio feed, which at least is Neverett rather than Steiner. Unfortunately, it’s ahead of the TV feed.

  5. Some how only winning two out three in Baltimore is disappointing. The Orioles did not give in at all.

      • Often, in baseball, the worst teams beat the best. The Tigres, with baseball’s worst record, came from six runs down to beat the Yanquis on Tuesday.

        • Yes, they do, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. The Yanks beat the Orioles 17 out of 19 times this year (the two losses were in the first week of the season), and hit 61 homers against them.

  6. As we ponder what will happen with the Dodgers and various levels of Home Field Advantage this season, I did some number crunching (ie basic addition) to see how all the teams stacked up only 2 weeks away from the conclusion of this decade.

    There are some tight races as teams jockey for position:

    1. NYY – 914 wins
    2. LAD – 907 wins
    3. St.L – 889 wins (1 WS won)
    4. WSN – 866 wins
    5. BOS – 864 wins (2 WS won)
    6. TBR – 851 wins
    7. CLE – 848 wins
    8. TEX – 838 wins
    9. ATL – 837 wins
    10. LAA – 817 wins
    11. SFG – 814 wins (3 WS won)
    12. MIL – 813 wins
    13. CHC – 811 wins (1 WS won)
    14. PIT – 787 wins
    15. TOR – 784 wins
    16. NYM – 783 wins
    17. PHI – 781 wins
    18. ARI – 779 wins
    19. DET – 778 wins
    20. HOU – 777 wins (1 WS won)
    21. CIN – 767 wins
    22. KCR – 754 wins (1 WS won)
    23. MIN – 753 wins
    24. SEA – 750 wins
    25. BAL – 748 wins
    26. COL – 743 wins
    26. OAK – 743 wins
    28. SDP – 737 wins
    29. CHW – 735 wins
    30. MIA – 701 wins

    • One swing from Joc adds another run to the lead. Not a bad move, though a tedious one for Dodger fans.

  7. Saw video of the two run strikeout. It would have only been one run if Bundy had covered home instead of standing between the mound and first base. It was like he just thought only one person would try to score.

    • I can’t believe how much they are struggling to score runs last night and tonight. Really thought this would be a place Bellinger would go deep at least once.

    • Just a sprinkle, but got a little stronger and most thought it was a prelude to a cloudburst.

  8. To quote an earlier game – “where has all the offense gone, long time passing? Where has all the offense gone, long time ago…”

  9. Looking at the Orioles’ pitcher’s ERA and then the out put from our offense and shaking my head. These guys are not Palmer and McNally for heavens sake.

  10. I am officially no longer an east coaster. Watching the game in a hotel in La Grande, OR. Will be looking for a home in WA or OR starting Saturday.