Cue Felix Mendelssohn

There have been or will be not one, not two, but six Dodger weddings this offseason. There might even be seven, but Kiké Hernandez and his fiancée may not have set a date yet.

Messrs. Ryu, Stripling, Wood, Turner, Barnes and Pederson have all either gotten hitched already or gotten engaged. Isn’t that sweet? See the pictures at True Blue LA’s link above.

All these gentlemen are obviously taking Satchel Paige’s advice, particularly his 4th rule: “Go very light on the vices, such as carrying on in society. The social ramble ain’t restful.” Marriage will settle a man right down, I’ve heard.

57 thoughts on “Cue Felix Mendelssohn

  1. All the arbitration eligible players are now in the fold. Unfinished business includes what to do with Matty, so looking forward to at least one more move, but nothing major now that avoiding the luxtax this year is doable.

  2. Dodgers pitchers and catchers report tomorrow (February 13), position players on February 19, first spring training game on February 23. Hope you all in good health. Looking forward to another season on this website. A big thank-you to Link.

    • But… But… “The Giants know how to win.” Every other hack baseball writer/commentator keeps telling me this. How can I not believe them?

    • A short off-season, but chopping at the bit to get back under the saddle. Alabama won at football despite failing when foot was actually used to kick the ball.

    • Place this trade in the “God is in the details” category. Might not seem like much now and may not prove to be that earth shaking down the road. But has a chance to really strengthen the bullpen. I would gladly take 65-70 innings of a ground ball inducing machine from this lefty reliever.

      • Some sites characterize Alexander as Britton-lite. At the very least, switching him for Avilan would be a wash saving a couple million $ on the margin to help stay below the luxury tax this year, they remain about $13 million below. Oaks unlikely to crack the rotation in LA, but did have the potential to give you 4-5 MLB starts in a pinch, so there is that.

        • Meanwhile, Jake Peter is a lefty-hitting utility guy, who may get a shot during ST to make the club. Hit OK in AAA last year.

  3. Los Angles picked up Fernandez, the 29-year old Cuban left handed hitting 2nd baseman, who had a strong year in AA before recently being released by the Dodgers. Haven’t see any speculation on why he was released. Not one of the big Cuban signees only costing the club $200k in bonus money.

    • My guess would be that they have other prospects with better skill sets, and at 29 Fernandez’s isn’t likely to improve.

      • Certainly my first thought. But not like he was languishing in the minors. He was signed in Jan 2017, put in a solid performance hitting-wise in Tulsa and was even called up to OKC at the end of the season.

      • No, it was little brother down the road that signed him. I am puzzled as well on how he has been handled. Such that I imagine I am missing more information on the situation.

  4. Happy New Year Dodger friends. It was quite the ride in 2017. I wish you all much peace and joy in 2018. And hopefully a Dodger win in the World Series.

    • Playing baseball in Argentine must be a lonely pursuit. Recall borrowing baseball equipment from Lincoln HS and getting my office in BA to play during field days in the campo.

    • Based on a couple of the Dodger moments, I’m not so sure about the list as a whole. He gets the details wrong, as though he’s only heard about what happened third or fourth hand. The “Dodgers inspired Roger Kahn’s “The Boys of Summer”” in 1952 and ’53, not ’55. Anyone who’s actually read the book would know that. 1955 does belong to the Dodgers, but the big heros were Podres, Amoros, and Alston, none of whom were in the book (because they weren’t with the team).

      Koufax didn’t break out in 1963. He broke out in ’61. A better moment for ’63 might be Sandy Koufax strikes out 15 Yankees.

      1950 feels a bit like revisionist history. Yes, Vin did start broadcasting that year, but up until Vin retired, the most memorable thing about 1950 was the Whiz Kids.