Game 146, 2017

Dodgers at Giants, 7:15 PM PT, TV: SPNLA, ESPN, NBCS-Bay Area

Righthander Yu Darvish (8-12, 4.25 ERA) pitches for the Dodgers, while LHP Matt Moore (5-13, 5.31 ERA) goes for the Giants.

Darvish had one excellent start after coming over from the Rangers at the trade deadline but has lost his last three starts. Moore has four quality starts in his last five, but he’s got a 7.02 ERA in three starts against the Dodgers this year.

Today in Dodgers’ history:

  • 1925 In the first game of a twin bill, Robins’ (Dodgers) starter Dazzy Vance no-hits the Phillies at Ebbets Field, 10-1. The Brooklyn hurler had one-hit the team from the City of Brotherly Love five days earlier.
  • 2005 During the six-run second inning uprising by Colorado, each Dodger outfielder commits an error. The fielding of Ricky Ledee (lf), Jose Cruz Jr. (right field), and Jayson Werth (cf) contributes to the 6-4 loss to the Rockies. (The Dodgers finished 71-91 that year, in fourth place in the division. The Rockies finished last.

Also, in 1902, Johnny Evers, acquired to replace second baseman Bobby Lowe, who broke his ankle, joins shortstop Joe Tinker and first baseman Frank Chance on the Chicago infield, marking the first time the three Cubs’ infielders have played together. The legendary double play trio will be immortalized in Franklin Pierce Adams’ baseball poem, “Baseball’s Sad Lexicon,” better known as “Tinker to Evers to Chance”. (And only one of the three really had any business even being considered for induction into the Hall of Fame, as far as I’m concerned. There were a bunch of romantics or cronies on the Veterans Committee in 1946.)


159 thoughts on “Game 146, 2017

  1. On my way to the park. About 20 feet up the line from first, 8 rows back tonight wearing Vin t-shirt. Last year El Titan tossed us a ball.

  2. This is probably not helpful or useful information in light of the conversation below. However it is odd/unfortunate/potentially troubling that Dodgers have a losing record against only 3 teams this season: Arizona, Colorado, Washington.

    To be clear, the Dodgers are only guaranteed a losing record vs AZ as they still could win season series vs Col and Wash.

    • In 1988, the Dodgers lost 10 of 11 regular-season games to the Mutts. They then won the NLCS four games to three.

    • That’s been the problem of late, the the regular season, as well as the playoffs — not winning vs. winning teams.
      Hopefully it will end this postseason.

      • We do have winning records against both the Cubbies and Cleveland and as Dave points out those against Rox and Nats haven’t concluded. And, what WBBsAs said.

    • Here is the best part of that article

      Division series
      Teams with home field advantage won 42 of 80 division series (52.5%)
      Teams with the better regular season record won 44 of 86 division series (51.2%)
      Teams with the better record in the final 10 games won 39 of 71 division series (54.9%)
      Teams with the better record in the final 20 games won 40 of 74 1st round series (54.1`%)
      Teams with the better record in the final 30 games won 42 of 77 1st round series (54.5%)
      Nothing really stands out here, to the author..

      League championship series
      Teams with home field advantage won 23 of 44 league championship series (52.3%)
      Teams with the better regular season record won 24 of 43 league championship series (55.8%)
      Teams with the better record in the final 10 games won 17 of 30 league championship series (56.7%)
      Teams with the better record in the final 20 games won 21 of 39 league championship series (53.8%)
      Teams with the better record in the final 30 games won 18 of 39 league championship series (46.2%)

  3. Good win last night. The long losing streak cured me of going to Baseball Reference page to see all the green lines compared to the red.

    • I have loved looking at that as well. So visually appealing – until late Aug.
      But hopefully still lots more green to come.

    • Roberts goes one-for-two with this decision, in my opinion. I like Barnes in the lineup as much as possible, but Hernandez continues to swing from the heels repeatedly without much success.

  4. What is it with defensive indifference?!
    Is Buehler pitching from a windup? (Same thing last night.) If not, why not TRY to get the runner(s)?
    I can see if there’s a runner on 3rd, but otherwise?

  5. Well I think I will head to bed. I have had some late nights recently and an early start tomorrow.

  6. I didn’t expect everything to turn around with a single W . . . but these are the Giants — the worst record in baseball AND playing like it.
    Next up are the Nats . . . take advantage of opportunities when they come, bats!
    Meanwhile, Yu keep pitching like this, Darvish!

  7. I think the low point of the season may have been last night when Kelby Tomlinson homered off Kershaw to give the Giants a brief 1-0 lead.

  8. How could Pence get an error on the pop fly by Puig when he never touched it? Puig was given a hit on a very similar play last night.

  9. Sandoval hitting .181 as a Giant. This is his last hurrah for the team that he never should have left.

  10. Now deja vu of the slump.
    Waste not, want not . . . especially when they’re give you the chances!

  11. Dave, you got me going on the 575 meter:

    ‘Twas long time coming
    Two weeks of anxiety
    Dodgers finally won

  12. Joe said that Doc said that Barnes will get at bats against lefties and righties. Sounded like Barnes might get more play then Grandal.

  13. Scherzer got lit up by the Barves, which should help Kershaw’s Cy chances. Special mention to old friend Matt Kemp for a slam off Max.

  14. Mixed feeling about Puig at 8, I can understand the thinking, but higher up will get him more at bats,as well as an opportunity to contribute earlier in the game

  15. Barnes is starting, which I welcome, but I’d rather see him in the No. 5 hole, not Forsythe, to better protect Bellinger.