Game 72, 2017

Mets at Dodgers, 7:10 PM PT, TV: SPNLA, SNY, ESPN (out-of-market only)

The Mets send LA native RHP Robert Gsellman (5-4, 5.50 ERA) out to make his first ever start in California. He’ll face the Dodgers’ increasingly-consistent righthander Brandon McCarthy (5-3, 3.14 ERA).

Gsellmann has not had a good year and if not for injuries to other starters he’d probably be in the bullpen or in the minors trying to get his mojo back. Instead he’s started 12 games for the Mets this year and put up a 5.71 ERA while doing so. McCarthy, on the other hand, came back from a dislocated left (non-throwing) shoulder injury and has put up a 1.91 ERA in his last five starts.

For the statheads:

Entering Monday, no full-time starter had allowed a lower rate of “hard-hit” balls (those with exit velocities of at least 95 mph) than McCarthy’s 21.4 percent, and no pitcher had allowed a lower rate of barrels (the most favorable batted balls for hitters, yielding expected batting averages of at least .500 and slugging percentages of at least 1.500) than McCarthy’s 2.2 percent.

Here are videos of Bellinger’s five most memorable HRs in this young season, per CutFour.

This day in Dodgers’ history:

  • 2008 In recognition of their significant contributions to the community, the Dodgers become the first sports franchise to be honored by the Hollywood Historic Trust and the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. The team receives an Award of Excellence star, which is placed in the Walk of Fame, which includes a constellation of celebrities, real and fictional, who have had a major impact on the entertainment industry.
  • 2009 Jeff Weaver beats his kid brother Jered when the visiting Dodgers best the Halos, 6-5, at Angel Stadium. The Northridge, California natives become the eighth set of siblings in major league history to start against one another.

Lineup when available.

107 thoughts on “Game 72, 2017

  1. A.J. breaks it up with an infield single! Then the Fish score two to take the lead.

    • It’s nice to have a no-drama game after other recent ones were closer than they should have been.

  2. Watched the game this morning from where I left off last night. Fun game. Joc would be appreciated more as a great CFer if Puig would stop getting in his way when Joc is about to make a great catch. Bellinger took away a chance for a great Joc catch as well in the same game that Puig collided with Joc.

  3. 12-0? Really? And it was Seager with the multiple HRs tonight?

    No wonder J-Hair was exhorting viewers to vote for Corey for the ASG in the postgame show!

    • Which if you have been following tonight’s game at all, is no surprise.

  4. Smart to leave Stewart in. He’s pitching well. No need to waste another pitcher at this point.

  5. So according to Steiner – the Dodgers have hit 15 hrs in the last 4 games. Most ever in franchise history over a 4 game stretch.

  6. Seager has 20 more career HR’s than Bellinger: 42-22. That’s counting tonight’s homers.

  7. Someday someone will hit 5 hrs in a game. Wonder what the standing Vegas line on that happening would be…

  8. Dave should put Corey out for the start of the inning and take him out to receive the crowd’s appreciation.

  9. I’ve never seen a crowd get so excited at the start over a ball that never made the warning track

    • — except for my first game in Dodger Stadium, way up at the top and we thought every fly was going out!

  10. Okay Salas here’s the plan. 4 wide ones to Logan – and then groove one down the middle for Seager.

  11. Excuse my ignorance, I had volume off due to sleeping children, why was that not a hit by pitch?

  12. In the old days, Dodger bats would score 10 runs in a game, then not be able to reach that total cumulatively in another week . . . here it’s back to back. Again, may it continue thru the weekend!

  13. Seager needs a slam to have the home-run cycle: solo shot, two-run and three-homers so far.

  14. Big Mac is pitching a much better game than Kersh.
    I wonder how much the big lead figured into last night’s travails.

  15. If I’m figuring it properly, AZ taking 2 of 3 from CO benefits the Dodgers most .. . then LA taking care of business with both of them, whatever the situation.

  16. Corey! I remember you! (Just forgot how to spell his name for a moment.)

  17. So, I am in a Dodger suite (invited by a friend in the biz) behind first base, four levels up, and there was a kid here at his first game. Just got walloped in the chest by a foul ball, luckily on the descent. He’s okay. Got quite a tale to tell his friends at school tomorrow…oh, he held onto the ball.

  18. Hey, I’ve just realised the game is on tv over here! (Tuned in just in time to see Grandal leave the bases loaded). There goes the mowing I was going to do this afternoon ( well for a while anyway)

  19. On the 4 finger walk – do they add 4 phantom pitches to the pitchers total or just add the walk to his total without adding pitches?

      • My guess is they don’t add the pitches because they weren’t thrown – but I think they should because they are adding the walk to the stat line.
        I don’t know – this particular rule change is still really new to me I suppose. Takes some getting used to.

  20. “Cody Bellinger, you are ridiculous!” Joe Davis.
    The Bellinger power show continues.

  21. I’m disappointed. I thought Bellinger had hit another grand slam, but no. That bum Seager had to clear the bases first with a homer of his own. 😉

  22. From Dodger Insider:

    When McCarthy records his first out in his start Tuesday against the Mets, he’ll have thrown more innings this year than his past two years combined.


    McCarthy’s ERA (3.14), ERA+ (1.33) and WHIP (1.10) are all career-best marks for the pitcher

    In non-McCarthy news,

    The Dodgers announced they’ve signed 21 of their 40 selections in the 2017 MLB First-Year Player Draft, including each of their picks in rounds 5–10. Fifth-round pick Riley Ottesen, a right-handed pitcher from the University of Utah, is the highest draft pick to sign.

  23. from Ryan Walton@RyanWaltonSBN

    Twitter back & forth between Ned Colletti and Jerry Hairston….

    Hairston said he rounds career avg to .260…

    NC: Did you round up by 50?
    JH: You’re the one who signed me.
    NC: That’s why I’m sitting here

  24. I probably will not stay up as late as I did last night to see if we win, but what a ride!

  25. Apropos of my note on Kenley in the earlier post, it’s remarkable that he’s had no 3-0 counts all season, and it’s been more than a month since he’s had any three-ball count.