World Series Game Five and the possible end of baseball for four months

Unless the Cubs win today there will be no baseball games until March.

Go Cubs!

It’ll be on Fox at 8:00PM ET. The Cubbies ask LHP John Lester to keep their hopes alive, while the Indians hope RHP Trevor Bauer can win the clincher. Lester is 2-1 with a 1.69 ERA this postseason, while Bauer is 0-1 with a 5.00 ERA.

We’ll see.

44 thoughts on “World Series Game Five and the possible end of baseball for four months

  1. At the risk of Cubbie fans becoming obnoxious, like what happened to Bosox fans, I go with them as representatives of the National League and the team that beat us (only World Champs could do that, right?)

  2. Seriously — Chapman in the 9th with a 7-RUN LEAD and the possible injury?
    Perhaps the contingency manana is Lester and Lackey.

  3. Wow — Chapman in the 7th again, with a 5-run lead??!!!!
    I can see using him to get out of the jam, but not to go to the end, with Game 7 looming.

  4. Indians literally and figuratively dropping the ball in inning one. First time I’ve seen them struggle.

  5. I detest the fact that Fox uses the Series primarily to promote bad TV shows, and puts their “stars” in prime seating.

    • Me too.
      If the Indians are to win anyway, let them win on their own field and give the Cubs fans a chance to celebrate.
      We all got to see what a magical moment it was for LA to clinch the West at home. (Of course, that was the Hollywood ending with Vin’s home finale.)

    • I have nothing against the Cubbies, but they need to continue to embrace their tradition, which is part of baseball legend.