NLCS Game Five, 2016

Cubs at Dodgers, 5:00PM PT, TV: FS1

On paper the pitching matchup looks to favor the Cubs; LHP Jon Lester (19-5, 2.44 ERA) faces RHP Kenta Maeda (16-11, 3.48 ERA). Lester has pitched 14 innings in the playoffs and given up just one run; Maeda hasn’t made it into the fifth inning in either playoff start and has a 9.00 ERA over the seven cumulative innings he’s pitched.

Said in Chris Berman’s affected voice: “That’s why they play the games.”


280 thoughts on “NLCS Game Five, 2016

  1. We will wake up in the morning in the second half of October and our team will still be competing for an appearance in the WS. Only 3 teams left with a chance to win the 2016 WS. Dodgers are one of them.

    • Install electronic calls of balls and strikes and a catcher could go from MVP candidate to second string.

      • Wonder when that will happen. Of course, they would still need an ump behind the plate to grant Joc timeout when he wants to step out of the box.

  2. Does it make anyone feel better that I really enjoyed the theatre tonight? And that I want to petition RBI to write the screenplay for the Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time? Don’t worry about pesky things like contracts and book rights, etc.

  3. Here’s how I see it: They won the first game, we won the next two, they won the next two, and now we will win the next (and final) two. Start booking your flights to Cleveland.

  4. Well, its 12:30ish in New Hampshire so I am out of here. I like the rally off Chapman. I feel confident with Kershaw and Hill in Chicago. Hope the Dodgers run the basis more aggressively in Chicago.

  5. Isn’t there something in the Geneva Convention saying if you’re trailing by 5 or more runs, you don’t have to face someone throwing 100+mph?

    • They have reason to be happy.
      I don’t begrudge them and I’m really not surprised. I just wanted the Dodgers to have a good showing — they did for the first three games, then were the opposite of that.

  6. Dodgers have done one thing better than the Cubs. They have done a much better job of hitting balls to where Cubs are standing.

  7. So the pressure will be on Kershaw again, just to stay alive — and no better to have out there.
    I hope he comes up big again — obviously for the team, but also after redeeming his postseason reputation,

    • Unless they’re banned, they’ll be facing them next year as well. The off-season assignment is to practice against nobody except southpaws.
      (And hopefully the off-season is delayed another week and a half.

  8. Here’s the thing. There’s a reason the Cubs had the best record in baseball, and now we are seeing why.

  9. That’s hard for a pitcher, I would imagine, to leave the field and have to come back and gear up again.

  10. Watching us in the short post-season, it strikes me that many of our hitters are very much feast or famine.

  11. Ruiz used hand signals to call pitches for Maeda and now uses the traditional fingers for Avilon. Didn’t notice for the other pitchers.

  12. RBI: Do you know where Vin is sitting? Probably not in the stands or he might be mobbed.

  13. Lester has thrown 95 pitches. We have to do something against him or whoever they throw out there because Chapman arrives in the 8th.

  14. Is Joe Blanton Tom Niedenfuer redux? With that last inning he lowered his NLCS ERA from 27.00 to 23.63.

  15. Kendrick swung at several pitches way out of the strike zone. Is Lester pitching all that well?

  16. Dodger runners take a big lead off first and retreat at first motion. Seems like they would take a smaller lead and not have to retreat or try to steal.

  17. Nobody warming up, either. Same pitch to Ross. I can see it from here. I could probably hit it from here.

  18. Checking during intermission. Loving the play. And – glad to see the Dodgers tied the score!

    • Interesting at bat for Joc. Willing to bunt with two strikes. He looked like he might try to drag the bunt.

    • Probably the game plan against Maeda and it continues until relievers prove they can consistently throw strikes.

  19. Kendrick seems to have to circle around every ball hit to him before he figures out where it will be caught

  20. Kenta needs to get a couple of quick innings because he has 45 pitches after only 2 innings.

  21. The umps used to give Maeda those close ones earlier in the year, but not for the past several games.

  22. The top of the 1st could’ve been worse, but the bottom could’ve been a lot better.

  23. My wife and I are going to the theatre to see the play version of Mark Haddon’s book The Curious Incident of the Dog In the Night-Time. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and have high hopes for the play. RBI – maybe you create write the screenplay for a movie version!!

    It’s an early birthday celebration for her. So maybe next week when her actually birthday happens, she will be amenable to watching the World Series.

  24. Obviously Dave Roberts knows more about baseball than I will ever know. He is confident about Ruiz-Kendrick-Gonzalez in the middle of the lineup. So I guess I will need to change my scepticism to confidence as well.

  25. Off I go to the stadium. I don’t mind us being the underdog for this game. I have my foam finger.