Game 95, 2016

Dodgers at Nationals, 4:05PM PT, TV: SPNLA, MASN 2, MLB.TV free game

Scott Kazmir (7-3, 4.52 ERA) tries to improve on his last outing when he went only three innings and threw 85 pitches. His opponent will be the Nats’ #5 prospect (per, RHP Reynaldo Lopez, who’s making his MLB debut this evening. He put up a 3.19 ERA in 16 starts in the minors this season.

The Dodgers activated Joc Pederson from the DL on Tuesday, so expect to see him back in center field. The Nationals expect to get Daniel Murphy back into their starting lineup. Also, the Dodgers have put Fein and Ryu on the 15-day DL.


127 thoughts on “Game 95, 2016

  1. More delay on Wood coming back (8 weeks!). Looks like we are in the market in earnest and expect the FO will do something more than a Bud Norris thing at this point.

      • Got to think that Ryu’s career is in doubt, so Dodgers might now be shopping for a more permanent member of the rotation.

    • You’re home? Do you live in the District or the suburbs? I lived in Mt. Pleasant for a semester when I taught at GW.

      • Mt. Pleasant as well. I recall that we guessed that you lived just a couple blocks from where I live now and within sight of where Walter Johnson once lived.

        • I couldn’t recall our discussing that. I was on Lamont Street near 19th, would often walk to work through Rock Creek Park.

          • I live at 18th and Kenyon. Had thought you lived on Irving, which is where Walter Johnson lived.

          • No, he only lived there a year or two. Think that he mostly lived in Cleveland Park.

  2. We win!
    But it feels like a bit of a lose to have to use Jansen tonight.

  3. Hi All. Been working and listening with half an ear, and about to go out to dinner with my husband. (It’s our anniversary.) Dodgers are melting down this inning. Let’s hope we can keep some kind of lead… Yikes.

  4. Perfect spot for Hatcher.
    Sigh. I had high expectations for Hatcher this year.

    • Used to be, but behind Wright in NY, so he switched to 2nd. A bit rusty out there.

  5. Grandal (with 3 K’s out of 3) is the only position player not to get a hit so far

    • happy and at 74 pitches after 6, he might go close to a complete game in order to everyone else a rest

      • Just concerned about him aggravating his leg by pitching more. If his leg is actually bothering him that is.

  6. good start here, I notice that the red sox are helping us out too so far

    • It’s HARD to root for the Red Sox now. Before they broke the curse it was easy, but now they and their fans have gotten a bad case of entitlement.

      • they would be my second team. When I was over there in 91 as well as seeing two games at dodger stadium, I caught a game at Fenway Park. That was quite an incredible place, it oozed history.

      • I don’t have a problem with Sawx. The Yanquis are still the No. 1 villains.

  7. Utley knocked over Taylor. Then Taylor does a leap over the mound to catch a pop up. Fun defensive inning so far.

  8. That last pitch to Chase was so not a strike. Looked about a foot outside.

  9. Nomar just compared Vin to a wall (Green Monster) and a plant (ivy in Wrigley).

  10. Not sure how I feel about the Heart and Hustle Award. How does one measure that exactly?

    • That series was frustrating for so many reasons – not the least being that Dodgers out scored the D’Backs.

  11. No wonder Howie is hitting more than .400 this month. Seeing eye grounder.

    • Not really on that one. An actual 3rd baseman probably gets to the ball.

  12. Joc being eased back into MLB action by facing a MILB pitcher.
    And it works!

  13. Chase! Not a big favorite here to begin with. Welcome to the Bigs! First pitch by the rook.

      • They published his best 10 quotes of the year so far (if anything he is quotable). He was asked about Urias and the notion that he might be the next Fernando. He basically said that one had to be cautious. That he was supposed to be the next Aaron, and look how that turned out.